News Advisory: PBOT crews begin winter weather preparation during Winter Weather Week with snow plow training and inspection

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(Oct. 23, 2015) The City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation begins annual preparations for winter weather by conducting a training/refresher course for Maintenance Operations crews on snow plow operations during the last week of October. Crews practice maneuvering dump trucks fitted with snowplows and sand spreaders on a large obstacle course at Sunderland Yard. Following completion of the course, crew members conduct a full check of the snow vehicle fleet at PBOT’s incident response headquarters at the Kerby Maintenance Offices and drive trucks along their assigned snow routes to re-familiarize themselves with the routes and terrain.


Suzanne Kahn, PBOT Maintenance Operations Group Manager

Peter Wojcicki, PBOT Public Works Division Manager, Street Systems.

Portland Bureau of Transportation Maintenance Crews


When there is a chance of snow and ice, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is prepared to enact its Snow and Ice Plan to help Portlanders get home safe. Advanced preparation enables PBOT crews to work efficiently to create safer conditions and reduce interruption to commerce and damage to property during severe weather. During a major snow and ice event, Maintenance Operations crews work around the clock to ensure 24-hour coverage. A total of 55 dump trucks are fitted with snowplows and sand spreaders to clear streets, bridges and overpasses of snow and ice. These media events are part of PBOT’s Get Home Safe campaign. The campaign will inform the public about what PBOT does to help Portlanders travel safely during winter and what Portlanders can do to prepare for winter travel.


Monday, October 26, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. – Snow equipment obstacle course practice at Sunderland Yard.

Thursday, October 29, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. – Snow plow fleet undergoes final check at PBOT’s incident response headquarters at the Kerby       Maintenance Offices and crews drive Portland snow and ice routes.


Monday: Sunderland Recycling Facility: 9699 NE Sunderland Road Portland, Oregon 97211

Thursday: PBOT Incident Response – Kerby Maintenance Offices: 2929 N. Kerby Avenue Portland, Oregon 97227


Media will have the opportunity to practice driving the obstacle course at Sunderland Yard on October 26 under the supervision of a PBOT crew member.

On October 29, PBOT’s full fleet of snow and ice equipment will undergo final checks at the Kerby Maintenance Offices and crews will drive Portland snow routes and take notes on any changes in the route.

On Thursday, a map of Portland’s snow and ice routes will be on display and Suzanne Kahn, PBOT Maintenance Operations Group Manager, will be available for questions and to offer tips on preparing for winter weather events.

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