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Street sweeping and cleaning

A white truck drives along a recently swept street to flush a residential street with water. Fall foliage in the background.
Street sweeping and cleaning of residential streets and arterials, a service of the Maintenance Operations group at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Process removes dirt and debris from Portland streets to provide a healthy, safe, and attractive environment for residents and visitors.
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The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Maintenance Operations group sweeps and cleans over 3,000 miles of city roads to protect water quality and minimize the burden on the sewer system from surface debris.  

PBOT sweeps and cleans over 2,300 miles of residential streets approximately once every 11 months and 1,000 miles of major arterial streets 6-8 times per year. Protected bike lanes are swept and cleaned 5 times per year. 

Due to the curvature of the road, nearly 97% of street debris lies within 40 inches of a curb, which is why PBOT only sweeps and cleans blocks that are curbed at least 75% of their length. Uncurbed roads do not have the same level of debris or need the same level of maintenance in terms of sweeping and cleaning. 

Residential streets are swept and cleaned by our Day Street Cleaning and Greenspace Maintenance team. Larger, multilane roads known as arterials are swept and cleaned by our Night Operations crew, as are protected bike lanes. 

PBOT also relies on residents to help keep streets clean and safe by clearing leaves and debris from storm drains near their property, especially in the fall. This prevents clogging and flooding. 

Call PBOT’s 24/7 maintenance dispatch at 503-823-1700 for clogged storm drains. See more at our Adopt a storm drain page.  

*NEW* Downtown street cleaning pilot

Starting April 26, 2023, PBOT is restricting parking Wednesday nights along northbound SW Park Avenue between Clay and Main streets. This pilot project ensures our night street-sweeping crews can get a proper clean.

Avoid a citation or tow by observing all parking signs and moving your vehicles while the rules are in effect each week: 10 p.m. Wednesday to 5 a.m. Thursday.

Map and schedule

Because of multiple, unpredictable variables, PBOT maintenance staff cannot provide more than a week’s advance notice of their street sweeping schedule. For this reason, we’ve created a citywide street sweeping map so you can identify your district and map number. Schedules are posted here at least one week in advance.  

Sweeping Schedule for May 22 - 26, 2023.                                                                     

DateDistrict and Ma3
Monday, May 22, 2023    

District 3 Route 11

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

District 3 Route 11

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

District 3 Route 11 and 12

Thursday, May 25, 2023

District 3 Route 12

Friday, May 26, 2023

District 3 Route 14

Preparing for street sweeping in your neighborhood 

If you know when your neighborhood is due for street sweeping, there are several things you can do to keep our crews safe and ensure a thorough clean: 

  • Repark any vehicles off the street or outside of the area being swept 
  • Remove any other large objects or obstructions such as basketball hoops and trash bins. And make sure large sticks and branches are out of the road. They can clog and jam the sweeper’s operating system. 
  • Trim your street trees to provide clearance on residential streets and arterials. If you need to prune trees in the right-of-way, contact the City Forester at 503-823-4489 for a free permit and trimming tips. 
  • Report debris or other hazards in the right-of-way you’re unable to move or address, such as clogged storm drains or downed trees or signs. You can also use the PDX Reporter app on your Android or iOS smartphone. 

Here are some helpful tips for year-round maintenance of your street: 

  • Remove grass or weeds growing in the gutter. This helps reduce debris in the roadway and will improve water runoff during rainstorms. 
  • Report abandoned vehicles using PBOT’s hotline at 503-823-7309 
  • Organize (or participate in) a neighborhood cleanup to keep litter out of the roadway 
  • Pick up after your pets and ensure everyone in your family disposes of all litter properly. 

Report debris in the right-of-way 

You can call PBOT's 24/7 maintenance hotline: 503-823-1700 to report debris in the right-of-way, clogged storm-drains or other hazards such as downed signs. You can also use the PDX Reporter app on your Android or iOS smartphone. 


PBOT 24/7 Maintenance Dispatch

phone number503-823-1700Available 24/7 for emergency road hazards.