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Street sweeping and cleaning

A white truck drives along a recently swept street to flush a residential street with water. Fall foliage in the background.
Street sweeping and cleaning of arterials, a service of the Maintenance Operations group at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Process removes dirt and debris from Portland streets to provide a healthy, safe, and attractive environment for residents and visitors.
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The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Maintenance Operations group sweeps and cleans city roads to protect water quality and minimize the burden on the sewer system from surface debris. 

Due to ongoing budget cuts, PBOT suspended all residential street sweeping June 30, 2023. Our daytime crews are now assigned different work. This will not affect Leaf Day service in the fall which will continue for those living within the boundaries of a Leaf District. 

PBOT crews still sweep 1,000 miles of major arterial streets 6-8 times per year as well as protected bike lanes 5 times per year. 

Tips for year-round maintenance of your street 

This is a reminder that PBOT relies on residents to help keep streets clean and safe by clearing leaves and debris from storm drains near their property, especially in the fall. This prevents clogging and flooding. Here are some helpful tips for year-round care of your street:

  • Remove grass or weeds growing in the gutter. This helps reduce debris in the roadway and will improve water runoff during rainstorms.
  • Adopt a storm drain. Visit our Adopt a storm drain page for more information.
  • Report abandoned vehicles using PBOT’s hotline at 503-823-7309 
  • Organize (or participate in) a neighborhood cleanup to keep litter out of the roadway 
  • Pick up after your pets and ensure everyone in your family disposes of all litter properly. 

Report hazards in the right-of-way 

For emergency road hazards, clogged storm drains, or other hazards in the right-of-way such as downed signs, contact PBOT's 24/7 Maintenance Dispatch at 503-823-1700. 

You can also use the PDX Reporter app on your Android or iOS smartphone. 


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