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Report Work Zone or Construction Hazards

Concerns about hazards in and around work zones and construction sites may be reported directly to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) via email or our online form. Staff review these forms and email regularly.

This form should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Response times may vary.

Gather your information

Be sure to provide us with a specific location, time of day, and a description of the problem you observed. Please include the name of the contractor, if known.

Fill out our online form

Is this an urgent safety hazard?

Next Steps

Please report this issue to the Portland Bureau of Transportation's maintenance dispatch at (503) 823-1700.

What type of issue or object are you reporting?
Including dumpsters, PODS, trailers
Staging, fencing, miscellaneous equipment, etc.
Fences, planters, sheds, trash can enclosures, etc.
Mulch piles, basketball hoops, sports items, electrical cords, trash cans, etc.
Outdoor seating, tables, sandwich boards, dining structure, etc.
What type of vehicle issue?
Including dumpsters, PODS, trailers
What type of construction work zone item?
Heavy equipment, machinery, tools, etc.
Building supplies, wood piles, scrap piles, etc.
Intentional cuts to access utilities, usually in straight lines
Cones, delineators, flaggers, barricades
What type of permanent structure?
What type of temporary item?
Human feces, used syringes, etc.
What type of outdoor dining item?
What tree or vegetation issue are you trying to report?
For example, hanging from above or growing in from the side
Where is the tree or vegetation growing from?
Please describe in the Obstruction Details box below
What type of signage?

Next Steps

Please use the Report an Abandoned Vehicle service to learn more about what qualifies as an abandoned vehicle and how to report one.  

Next Steps

Please call Parking Enforcement at 503-823-5195 to report the vehicle.

Next Steps

Please report hazardous waste using the Report a Campsite form, and select "Trash or debris only."


Next Steps

Please use the Multnomah County Animal Services Deceased Animal Removal Request form to report this issue.  

Next Steps

Please call 503-823-8733 (TREE) to report this urgent issue.  

Please Note

Signs are not allowed to be posted on utility poles according to City Code 17.64.040, however the City does not have resources to enforce this code and the power utility companies own and maintain most utility poles in the City of Portland.

Location of the obstruction
Maximum 4 files.
30 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png.
Please provide any other details that might help us find and identify the obstruction.

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Public Records Statement

Information you provide to the City is a public record and may be subject to release under Oregon’s Public Records Law. This law classifies certain information as available to the public on request. See our privacy statement for more information.