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Leaf Day

Close-up of colorful fall leaves being swept by a large broom with red bristles. In the background you can see the person sweeping, from knee down, wearing yellow galoshes.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Leaf Day service sweeps 52 districts with the highest concentration of mature street trees and leaves, about a third of the city. Leaf removal in Leaf Day districts is FREE. Find out if you’re in a district and what your Leaf Day schedule is this year.
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The 2022 Leaf Day schedule is out. Look up your address using the PortlandMaps Leaf Day tool or view schedules by district below. Leaf Day mailers typically arrive by mid-October. Downloadable versions available below.

What is Leaf Day?

From November to December each year, PBOT’s Leaf Day service helps us provide cleaner, safer streets, keep our storm drains clear, and ensure our intersections don’t flood. PBOT instituted Leaf Day because the amount of leaves in our 52 Leaf Districts was simply too much for our regular street cleaning equipment.

Leaf Day pickup is FREE for residents in Leaf Districts. There is no need to opt in or out. If you are not in a Leaf District, please know that PBOT cleans and sweeps all other local residential streets once per year and all major arterial streets 3-4 times per year.

Look up your address, view a map of Leaf Districts 

Everyone in a Leaf District should receive a brochure in the mail letting you know your pickup district number and schedule, as well as directions on how to make the most of your Leaf Day.

Not sure if you're in a Leaf District? Look up your home or business address and find out! Using this interactive PortlandMaps tool, you can see the boundaries of all the city's Leaf Districts and other information about your address.

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Sign up for email or text reminders about Leaf Day 

Lost your Leaf Day brochure? Concerned you might forget to prepare? Worried about getting towed in Northwest Portland, Goose Hollow or Sullivan’s Gulch? We’re here to help! PBOT will send weekly email reminders, which you can also receive as a text message to your cell phone. 

Sign up here to add your email or phone number to the list for:

Weekly email Leaf Day reminders

Live in Northwest, Goose Hollow, or Sullivan's Gulch? Don't get towed! Sign up here for reminders for tow districts: 

Leaf Day tow district reminders

Leaf Day basics

To learn more about how to prepare for Leaf Day, look for your Leaf Day brochure in the mail, or find your district and download the brochure for your district below. Things to remember:

  • One day before. Rake the leaves you want picked up into the street one day before your scheduled Leaf Day pickup.
  • Tree leaves only. Use regular yard bins for twigs, branches, needles, grass clippings, and other debris.
  • Keep one foot of space between your pile and the curb for storm runoff and to make it easier for our sweepers. Also allow plenty of clearance between your pile and any vehicle left parked on the street.
  • Trim your trees to leave 11 feet of clearance. Make sure you trim any low-hanging tree limbs over the street so our equipment can get as close to the curb as possible and get the best clean. Learn more about tree pruning and permits here.
  • Move vehicles and other objects off the street. Whenever possible, allow plenty of clearance between your pile and anything left parked on the street.  Leaf Day service districts are small enough that you should never have to travel more than a quarter mile to park a vehicle outside the boundaries of a Leaf Day district.
  • Help your neighbors. The pandemic still means more people working from home and vehicles parked longer. Check in with your neighbors so everyone remembers to move their vehicles on Leaf Day.
  • Don’t get towed. Moving your vehicle is REQUIRED in the districts listed. You are subject to a $85 citation and a $212 tow on Leaf Day in these districts. Plus, tow fees accrue daily. To locate towed vehicles, visit or call Police Auto Records at 503-823-0044.
    • Northwest: Districts NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8 and NW 9
    • Southwest: Districts SW 1 and SW 2
    • Sullivan's Gulch in Northeast: District NE 14
  • Buy compost. PBOT crews haul leaves to our Sunderland Yard for composting. For information on how to buy this compost, visit our Buy Compost page.

The 2022 Leaf Day Brochure is here for download. Mailers should arrive by mid-October.

Schedules and Brochures (by district)

North Portland

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for North Portland here:

N 1St. Johns 11/22/22none
N 2St. Johns 11/22/22none
N 3University Park 12/13/22


N 4University Park 11/17/22


N 5Portsmouth, Kenton, University Park, Arbor Lodge 11/8/2211/29/22
N 6Piedmont, Humboldt 11/8/2211/29/22
N 7Humboldt 11/21/22


N 8Boise 11/30/22none
N 9Overlook 12/14/22none

Northeast Portland

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for Northeast Portland here:

NE 1Piedmont, Humboldt, King 11/7/2212/13/22
NE 2Humboldt, King, Boise 11/16/22none
NE 3Sabin, Alameda, Beaumont-Wilshire 11/10/2212/15/22
NE 4Alameda 11/10/2212/15/22
NE 5Rose City Park, Beaumont-Wilshire 11/9/2212/12/22
NE 6Irvington, Sabin 11/2/2212/17/22
NE 7Alameda, Irvington, Sabin 11/4/2212/17/22
NE 8Grant Park, Hollywood 11/20/2212/4/22
NE 9Rose City Park, Beaumont-Wilshire 11/7/2212/12/22
NE 10Irvington 11/12/2212/2/22
NE 11Grant Park, Irvington 11/12/2212/4/22
NE 12Grant Park 11/20/2212/4/22
NE 13Rose City Park 11/15/2212/6/22
NE 15Kerns 11/15/2212/6/22
NE 16Laurelhurst 11/14/2211/30/22
NE 17Laurelhurst, North Tabor 11/14/2212/5/22

Southeast Portland

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for Southeast Portland here:

SE 1Buckman 11/19/2212/11/22
SE 2Laurelhurst, Kerns 11/9/2212/8/22
SE 3Buckman 11/19/2212/11/22
SE 4Sunnyside 11/3/2212/8/22
SE 5Hosford-Abernethy (Ladd's Addition) 11/5/2211/27/22
SE 6Hosford-Abernethy 11/6/2212/3/22
SE 7Richmond 11/18/2212/16/22
SE 8Mt. Tabor 12/9/22none
SE 9Sellwood-Moreland 11/6/2212/3/22
SE 10Sellwood-Moreland 11/5/2211/27/22
SE 11Eastmoreland 11/13/2212/10/22
SE 12Eastmoreland 11/13/2212/10/22
SE 13Sellwood-Moreland 11/18/22none

Inner West Portland*

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for inner west Portland neighborhoods here:

NW 2*Northwest 11/23/22none
NW 3*Northwest 11/28/22none
NW 4*Northwest 11/28/22none
NW 6*Hillside, Northwest 12/9/22none
NW 7*Northwest, Pearl 11/21/22none
NW 8*Hillside, Northwest 12/9/22none
NW 9*Northwest, Pearl 11/21/22none
SW 1*Goose Hollow 12/5/22none
SW 2*Goose Hollow 12/5/22none

*Parking restrictions enforced in all Inner West Portland Leaf Districts.

Outer West Portland

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for outer west Portland neighborhoods here:

NW 1Forest Park, Northwest 12/7/22none
NW 5Hillside 12/7/22none
SW 3Southwest Hills 12/1/22none
SW 4Bridlemile, Southwest Hills 12/1/22none

Sullivan's Gulch*

2022 Leaf Day Brochure and map insert for Sullivan's Gulch here:

NE 14*Sullivan's Gulch 12/2/22none

*Parking restrictions enforced in the Sullivan's Gulch Leaf District.