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PBOT Equity & Inclusion Community Partnerships

PBOT’s Equity & Inclusion program has been working with various PBOT teams to identify partnership opportunities to engage and support community groups on transportation issues specific to the Covid-19 public health pandemic.
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PBOT understands that Black, Indigenous and People of Color; immigrants and refugees; older adults; people living with disabilities; and unhoused populations are at highest risk to COVID-19 illness and already feeling the compounded effect of the public health pandemic.

PBOT’s Equity and Inclusion program has been working with various PBOT teams to identify partnership opportunities to engage and support community groups on transportation issues specific to the COVID-19 public health pandemic. We have also been working to develop a two-year Equity and Inclusion partnership focused on Transportation Justice. We invite you to consider the partnership opportunities outlined below and to join us during upcoming information sessions to learn more. The information below includes details for: 

  1. Information Sessions 
  2. Short-term COVID-19 Partnerships + Requirements 
  3. Two-year Transportation Justice Partnership Program (info release sign up) 

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Two-year Transportation Justice Partnership Program Info Session

Tuesday, June 30, 4:00-5:00 PM

RVSP here 

Translation, interpretation and accommodations available upon request


COVID-19 Frontline Communities Partnership (June - October 2020) 

$50,000 total resources available to fund proposals from multiple groups

DEADLINE EXTENDED: interest letters due Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

As Portland prepares to reopen, PBOT wants to ensure that the safety and travel needs of frontline populations are accounted for and supported by PBOT’s COVID-19 response efforts. This COVID-19 Frontline Communities Partnership will provide resources to selected partners interested in shaping our priorities and engaging their networks. Learn more about the COVID-19 Frontline Communities Partnership.

Pandemic Mobility Support (June 2020)

$50,000 total resources available; Interest forms accepted in June 2020 and will be addressed on a rolling basis  

PBOT is partnering with Transportation Network Companies (TNC’s) such at Uber, Lyft and Taxi companies to provide free rides for critical trips; Off-hours trips for essential workers; Caregivers making home visits to older adults, people living with disabilities and other high risk populations confined to their homes; and Families needing support transporting groceries, laundry and other bulk items. Learn more about the Pandemic Mobility Support partnership.

Short-Term Partnership Priorities + Requirements 

Who will be prioritized for these short-term partnerships? 

Our priority is to work with organizations working in direct service to frontline populations and interested in informing PBOT’s Transportation Justice framework and agenda. Priority groups include: 

  • Black, Indigenous and People of Color
  • Immigrants + Refugees
  • People with Disabilities 
  • Youth Organizations
  • Minority Owned Businesses with Store Fronts (restaurants, food trucks, grocers, etc) 
  • Organizations Supporting Essential Workers + Caregivers Doing Home Visits
  • Groups Leading Anti-hate and Violence Prevention Work
  • Transportation Partners with a Demonstrated Equity Focus (including those interested in doing ally work) 
Partnership Requirements

We have worked to eliminate as many barriers as possible for these partnerships, but some basic things will be required to support onboarding and to facilitate fund distribution. Please keep the following requirements in mind: 

Vendor Registration: All partners receiving payments are required to be registered in the City of Portland's vendor portal known as BuySpeed. To enter the full registration page you will need your organization's Tax ID#, the organization's name (as recognized by the IRS), and a primary contact email address. If a selected partner functions as a network, but does not have a formal organizational structure, then it will be required that they have a fiscal sponsor and that fiscal sponsor will need to be in the vendor system. If you have having any challenges, please contact and we will identify a staff to assist with your registration. 

Orientation: All partners will be required to participate in an onboarding orientation to support their engagement with us. Scheduling of these sessions will happen once partners are confirmed. 

Scope of Work + Payments: We will work with each selected partner to confirm which COVID-19 and Transportation Justice projects they will engage with us on. This scope of work will be confirmed with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), not a full contract. Instructions for payments will be included in the MOU. 

Reporting: Reporting requirements will be negotiated with the scope of work. We will aim to keep the reporting requirement minimal.   


Transportation Justice Partnership Program (August 2020 - June 2022)

Facilitated as an on-call contract up to $100,000 per partner, per service category over two years; Applications due July 30 2020 at 4 PM

This solicitation is for nonprofit partners and consultants with a strong equity lens to join the PBOT Transportation Justice Community Partnerships Program. This Partnerships Program intends to build PBOT’s capacity to strengthen our service to and engagement of communities that have historically been underserved by our Bureau and Portland’s transportation system. Partnerships will be established in the following service categories: 

  1. Transportation Justice Policy Development
  2. Community Education, Engagement, Project Implementation
  3. Training, Facilitation + Mediation

Access all procurement updates for this RFP via BuySpeed.


As a reminder, all proposals must be submitted the City of Portland Procurement BuySpeed website – where all vendors are asked to keep their contact information current, and complete their EEO and City Equal Benefits certifications. Please follow these instructions to get set up in the BuySpeed system:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    3. Follow any prompts and walk through the tabs from left to right to complete each section of the registration.
    4. Under the “Commodity Codes & Services” tab, choose any categories that match goods or services that your firm provides. The codes are broken into a 3-digit broad category, and a 2-digit sub-category.
    5. Under the “Terms and Categories” tab, questions #6 and #7 are for EEO and Equal Benefits certifications, respectively. Those two questions must be answered in order for your firm to complete the certifications.
    6. If you run into any problems, or have questions about the BuySpeed process, please feel free to contact Mary Kapelczak at 503-823-5783 or via email at

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 Presentation from June 16, 2020 Public Info Session:

This is a recording of the June 30, 2020 Public Information Session for PBOT's Transportation Justice Partnership Program (August 2020 - June 2022).

If you have questions, please contact Jin Huang at or 503-823-5371.