Non-Smartphone E-Scooter Rental Options

No smartphone? No problem. Find out how to rent scooters without a smartphone.

Bird (black scooters)

To sign up for SMS (text messaging) service, email with a phone number that can send/receive SMS (text messages). Within 3 business days, riders will receive a text message confirming that their account has been approved. Riders can securely set up their payment information for a credit, debit, or prepaid card with the ‘PAY’ command. 

To find a vehicle, riders can either locate a Bird on the street or call 1.866.205.2442 to find a Bird.  

To start a ride, riders will need to find the Bird ID located in between the vehicle’s handlebars. Customers can then text “unlock” and the Bird’s ID to the phone number they received during the signup process. This text message will signal the scooter to unlock, and the rider will be able to begin riding. Riders should be in a safe place, and should not use their phone while riding. 

After the ride is complete, riders will text “lock” to the same number. This text message will signal the vehicle to lock and complete the ride. The rider will then receive a follow-up text message with the cost of their completed trip.

Bolt (yellow and black scooters)

Call the 24/7 customer service hotline at 866-BOLT-143 to create an account, and Bolt will help users sign the user agreement and agree to the terms and conditions. Once the account is set up, riders will either call the support hotline or send a text with their account number and device QR code to the dedicated SMS number to start and end their ride. To add credit or check their balance, riders can contact the customer service team to make payment arrangements. If riders need help locating a Bolt scooter, they can call 866-BOLT-143.

Lime (green scooters)

Lime is available for use without a smartphone for users who enroll in Lime Access, Lime's discounted ride program. When they enroll, they will receive a text message from a phone number that they can continue to use for Lime rides (415-463-3473).  

The first time the rider uses Lime’s text-to-unlock service, they will be prompted to agree to Lime’s user agreement and privacy policy.” To unlock a scooter, users can text “Unlock XXXXXX” with the scooter ID to 415-463-3473. They can also find their balance, safety tips, and instructions for reaching Lime’s customer service department by texting “Account” or “Help.”  

Spin (orange scooters)

Users without a smartphone who qualify for Spin Access, Spin’s discounted ride program, can sign up using the form at the link above and note that they would like to sign up for SMS (text messaging) service. 

Users without a smartphone who do not qualify for Spin Access can visit Spin’s warehouse at 5050 NE 112th Avenue, purchase a Spin Access card, and use cash, a credit card, or a prepaid debit card to load a balance onto it. Spin will provide the user a phone number to use their SMS (text messaging) service.