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Standard Drawings

November 1 2021 News: Drawing P-549 has been removed.
City of Portland Standard Drawings. Provided by Engineering Services in the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).
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P-100 through P-139 Trench, Pipe Bedding

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
Pipe Bedding and Pipe Zone12-15-16
P-102Concrete Anchor Walls for Sewer Pipe01-01-09
P-103Sewer Pipe Concrete Encasement 01-01-09
P-104Metal Slope Anchors for Pipe04-20-10
P-105Utility Trench Plug10-17-19

P-140 through P-149 MSPCP Details

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-140Top Slab "A" for Precast Maintenance Hole01-01-09
P-141Top Slab "B" for Precast Maintenance Hole01-01-09
P-142Top Slab "C" for Precast Maintenance Hole01-01-09
P-143Top Slab "D" for Precast Maintenance Hole01-01-09
P-144Top Slab "E" (Reducing Slab) for Precast Maintenance Hole (60" Dia.)01-01-09
P-145Top Slab "E" (Reducing Slab) for Precast Maintenance Hole (72"-144" Dia.)01-01-09
P-146Large Precast Conc. Maintenance Hole - Longitudinal Section Reinforcement (60" - 96")01-01-09
P-147Large Precast Conc. Maintenance Hole - Longitudinal Section Reinforcement (108" - 144")01-01-09
P-148Precast Concrete Maintenance Hole - Top Slabs "A" through "D"01-01-09
P-149Precast Concrete Maintenance Hole - Top Slab "E" and Base Slabs01-01-09

P-150 through P-199 Maintenance Holes

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-150Precast Concrete Maintenance Hole05-10-12
P-151Maintenance Hole Cast-in-Place Base & Precast Base Slab04-06-09
P-152Top Slabs for Precast Concrete Maintenance Holes04-06-09
P-160Precast Sump12-07-15
P-161Sedimentation Maintenance Hole and Sed. Maint. Hole in Location of Extg. Sump06-15-20
P-162Sedimentation Maintenance Hole with Baffle04-07-09
P-163Sedimentation Maintenance Hole with Elbow01-01-09
P-164Sampling Maintenance Hole04-07-09
P-165Sump System Remediation Plan06-16-10
P-168Step for Precast Maintenance Hole04-06-09
P-171Maintenance Hole Frame - 6-inch Depth04-06-09
P-172Maintenance Hole Frame - 10-inch Depth04-06-09
P-17336 Inch Maintenance Hole Frame04-06-09
P-174Maintenance Hole Riser Ring04-06-09
P-17536 Inch Maintenance Hole Riser Ring04-06-09
P-176Maintenance Hole Cover04-06-09
P-17736 Inch Maintenance Hole Cover04-06-09
P-17836 Inch Maintenance Hole Double Cover04-06-09
P-179Tamperproof Maintenance Hole Frame & Cover - 6" Depth04-06-09
P-180Tamperproof Maintenance Hole Frame & Cover - 10" Depth04-06-09
P-181Watertight Maintenance Hole Frame & Cover - 6" Depth04-06-09
P-182Watertight Maintenance Hole Frame & Cover - 10" Depth04-06-09
P-183Maintenance Hole with Beaver Slide03-03-19

P-200 through P-125 Inlets

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-201Adjust Concrete Inlet11-17-15
P-202Inlet Location at Curb Return01-01-09
P-203Concrete Double Inlet - End to End (For space constraints or slopes greater than 4 percent.)11-17-15
P-206Curb Inlet01-01-09
P-207Combination Curb Inlet01-01-09
P-21248" Precast Field Inlet01-01-09
P-215Double Inlet Frame - End to End01-01-09

P-250 through P-299 Cleanouts, Risers, Inside Drops

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-250PVC Deep Connection Riser07-12-16
P-251Clay Pipe Connections for Concrete Maintenance Hole07-15-20
P-252Piped Inside Drop Connection with Tee01-01-09
P-253Piped Inside Drop with Drop Bowl01-01-09
P-256Rain Drain to Gutter07-31-20
P-257Sanitary Sewer Lateral Cleanout06-22-12
P-258Sanitary Sewer Terminal Cleanout06-22-12
P-259Sanitary Cleanout Frame Foundation06-22-12
P-260Sanitary Cleanout Frame and Cover01-01-09
P-261Sanitary Cleanout Frame & Cover Landscape01-01-09
P-262Sewer Service Lateral - Sanitary04-20-10
P-263Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Over Existing Lateral03-24-14
P-264Mainline Spot Repairs04-01-21
P-265Concrete Collars04-01-21

P-300 through P-399 Stormwater facility details

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-300Concrete Inlet Type Metal07-31-20
P-301Concrete Inlet Type Metal Rotated07-31-20
P-302Concrete Inlet Type Metal Inlet Assembly07-31-20
P-303Concrete Inlet Type Metal with Channel and Grate (2.5 ft step out)07-31-20
P-304Concrete Inlet Type Metal with Channel and Grate (1 ft step out)07-31-20
P-305Concrete Inlet Type Metal with G-1 or G-2 Grate07-31-20
P-306Curb Extension Notched Forebay07-31-20
P-307Planter Walls07-31-20
P-308Curb Extension Outlet Notch07-31-20
P-309Beehive Inlet07-31-20
P-310Overflow Slotted Drain07-31-20
P-331Utility Coordination Sewer Service Requirements Under Green Street07-31-20
P-332Utility Coordination Water Service Sleeving07-31-20
P-333Utility Coordination Water Asset Clearances07-31-20
P-340Linear Attachment Pipe and Boot07-31-20

P-400 through P-499 Traffic Signs, Pavement Markings and Control Plans

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-400Sign Placement05-18-15
P-405Breakaway Anchor Traffic Sign Supports04-18-11
P-406Breakaway Dome Traffic Sign Supports04-18-11
P-407Modified Bike Rack Sign Mount11-15-18
P-410Sign Bracket, Cap Details03-17-11
P-411Sign Bracket, Strong-Back Details03-17-11
Street Name Sign Hardware Details For Pipe Post Mount05-14-15
P-413Street Name Sign Hardware Details For Cantilever Mount05-14-15
P-420Street Name Sign Detail05-18-16
P-421South Waterfront Street Name Sign Detail05-18-16
P-434Pavement Markings Standard Detail Blocks11-01-18
P-435Pavement Markings Standard Detail Blocks01-13-20
P-436Pavement Markings Standard Detail Blocks03-10-21
P-437Pavement Markings Standard Detail Blocks05-18-15
P-44014' Asphalt Local Speed Bump03-15-18
P-44122' Asphalt Arterial Speed Bump03-15-18
Multi Cushion Speed Bumps01-11-22
P-450Shared Lane Pavement Markings - Local Service Streets01-11-12
P-461Traffic Control Plan 4-Way Intersection for Manhole Access for Cleaning & CCTV Multiple Locations with One Flagger03-17-15
P-462Traffic Control Plan Mid-Block Manhole Access03-17-15
P-463Traffic Control Plan Adjacent Block Work With Closed Intersection Multiple Locations03-17-15
P-464Traffic Control Plan Manhole Access Adjacent to Intersection03-17-15
P-465Traffic Control Plan Manhole Access Middle of Intersection Multiple Locations03-17-15
P-466Traffic Control Plan Mid-Block Roadside Work Zone and/or Storage03-17-15
P-467Traffic Control Plan Adjacent Block Work with Open Intersection Multiple Locations03-17-15
P-468Traffic Control Plan Roadside Work Zone at Intersections Multiple Locations03-17-15
P-469Traffic Control Plan Mid-Block Lane Closure Using Flaggers07-16-15
P-470Traffic Control Plan Mid-Block Road Closure to Thru Traffic with Local Access07-23-15
P-471Traffic Control Plan One Block Road Closure with Local Access07-23-15

P-500 through P-599 Driveways, Sidewalks, Curbs and Paving

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-504Typical Utility Locations04-14-14
P-505AC Pavement Trench Resurfacing On Local Streets02-26-18
P-506Asphalt Concrete Pavement Repair Adjacent To Curb02-26-18
P-507Manhole Frame Adjustment01-01-07
P-509Borehole / Subsurface Investigation Pavement Restoration01-01-17
P-510Belgian Paving Block Pavement02-07-11
P-511Non-Curbed Pavement Edge06-20-12
P-514PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing on Busy Streets02-26-18
P-515PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing Typical Sections02-26-18
P-516Trench Resurfacing Asphalt Over Concrete Streets02-26-18
P-518AC Pavement Trench Resurfacing On Busy Streets02-26-18
P-523PCC Pavement Trench Resurfacing On Local Streets02-26-18
P-525Alley Driveway05-02-19
P-526Residential Driveway (Historic)02-08-17
P-528Typical Separated Sidewalk Driveway02-08-17
P-529Alternate Depressed Separated Sidewalk Driveway02-08-17
P-531Curb Tight Sidewalk Fully Lowered Driveway02-08-17
P-532Curb Tight Sidewalk Partially Lowered Driveway02-08-17
P-536Driveway Connection Detail02-08-17
P-544Miscellaneous Curb Details07-08-20
P-546Keyed Combination Curb and Sidewalk02-08-17
P-547Midblock Sidewalk Ramp08-27-19
P-548Sidewalk Ramp With Planter Strip Placement Options08-27-19
P-554Typical Sidewalk & Driveway Repair (By Property owner)01-01-17
P-556Accessible Route Island04-07-21
P-557Traffic Separators and Transitions04-07-21
P-572Sidewalk - Concrete Pavers10-04-17
P-576Bike Rack05-12-16
P-579Precast Concrete Bollard08-16-11
P-581Typical Street Tree Installation04-20-12

P-600 through P-699 Traffic Signals and Street Lighting

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-601Single Mast Arm Pole & Weld Details12-09-15
P-602Combination Mast Arm Pole Details12-09-15
P-603Dual Mast Arm Pole Details08-17-16
P-604(A)Mast Arm Pole Flange Plate Details10-10-13
P-604(B)Mast Arm Pole Base Plate Details10-10-13
P-604(C)Mast Arm Pole Recessed Terminal Cabinet10-10-13
P-605Mast Arm Pipe Tenon Attachment and Luminaire Arm Details07-15-15
P-606Signal Pole Footing & Anchor Bolts Type 110-10-13
P-607Signal Pole Footing & Anchor Bolts Type 2 & 310-10-13
P-608Signal Pole Footing Frangible Base06-21-16
P-609Signal Pole Footings - Spread & Vaulted Basement03-21-12
P-610Base-Mounted Signal Post Footing & Type 332 Cabinet   Foundation Details06-06-16
P-611South Waterfront Type "A" Signalized Intersection Light Pole Details03-14-12
P-612Signal Wiring Color Code10-10-14
P-620"APS" Pushbutton Assembly03-21-12
P-620(B)APS 4-Wire Push Button Schematic03-21-12
P-621"H" Pushbutton Assembly For Steel Pole and For Wood Pole03-14-12
P-622Pedestrian Signal Mounting on Steel and Wood Poles03-21-12
P-623Pedestrian Signal, Sensor, And Pushbutton on Frangibles, Ornamentals, and Pipe Posts05-10-16
P-624Controller Cabinet and Communication Interface Details03-21-12
P-625Service Installation on Steel and Wood Poles03-21-12
P-626Service Cabinets for Steel and Wood Poles and on Pedestals03-21-12
P-627Signal Equipment Pole & Mast Arm Mounted Details05-10-16
P-628Signal Equipment Span Wire Installation Details03-15-12
P-629Overhead Street Name and Aluminum Sign Mounting Details03-20-15
P-630Overhead Cable Pole Connection Details03-21-12
P-631School Zone Flasher Details05-10-16
P-632Pull Box Type A & B Details03-21-12
P-633Communications Box Type C & D Details03-21-12
P-634Detector Loop & Loop Pocket Details03-21-12
P-635Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (1 of 3)03-21-12
P-636Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (2 of 3)03-21-12
P-637Cable Placement and Wood Pole Framing Details (3 of 3)03-22-12
P-638Cable Placement and Clearance Details03-22-12
P-639Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (AC Powered) Pole Assembly Detail05-10-16
P-640Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (Solar Powered) Pole Assembly Detail03-21-12
P-641Combination Bottle Neck Type Luminaire Pole and Rapid Flash Beacon01-08-19
P-651Street Lighting Cobra-Head Pole Details06-17-15
P-652Street Lighting Twin Ornamental Pole Details04-01-15
P-653-AStreet Lighting Single Ornamental Pole04-01-15
P-653-BStreet Lighting Bottle Neck Type Luminaire Pole11-02-12
P-655Street Lighting Photoelectric Control Ornamental Pole Details04-01-15
P-656South Auditorium Post Top Style Light Pole Details09-11-12
P-657South Auditorium Street Light Pole & Luminare Details09-11-12
P-658South Waterfront Type "A" Street Light Pole Details10-02-12
P-659South Waterfront Type "B" & "C" Street Light Pole Details07-17-15
P-660Street Lighting Standard Street Light Standard Pole Footing01-08-19
P-661Street Lighting Type "A" Basement Street Light Pole Footing05-10-12
P-662Street Lighting Type "B" Basement Pole Footing05-10-12
P-663Street Lighting Special Light Pole Footing with Pillar05-10-12
P-664Street Lighting Special Light Pole Spread Footing For Ornamental Poles05-10-12
P-665Street Lighting South Waterfront Street Light Cast In Place Pole Footing05-10-12
P-667Street Lighting Small Wireless Facilities Details10-25-19
P-668Street Lighting Small Wireless Facilities General Notes and Reactions10-25-19
P-669Street Lighting Small Wireless Facilities Foundation Details10-25-19
P-670Street Lighting Pole-Mounted Panel Details03-22-12
P-671Street Lighting Service Cabinet Details03-22-12
P-680Street Lighting Pole Wiring Diagrams03-15-12
P-681Street Lighting Control Unit Pole Wiring Diagrams03-06-12
P-682Street Lighting Control Unit Installation10-24-12

P-700 through P-935 Water Valves, Hydrants and Assemblies

DrawingDescriptionEffective Date
P-700Fire Hydrant Assembly02-20-13
P-7202" Blow-off Assembly07-01-09
P-7301" Manual Air Release Assembly07-01-09
P-740Temporary Test/Sampling Point Assemblies07-01-09
P-750General Corrosion Control Details12-16-09
P-755Joint Bonds12-16-09
P-760Dielectric Isolation Joints12-17-09
P-765Test Stations12-17-09
P-770Sleeved and Cased Pipe12-17-09
P-775Dielectric Isolation Between Butterfly Valve and MCSP04-08-15
P-7801" Service Assembly07-01-09
P-805Valve Box & Cover (CIV) Assembly07-01-09
P-810Valve Operator Extension Assembly07-01-09
P-815Typical Street Trench Section07-01-09
P-825Sampling Station07-15-10
P-826Sampling Station Tapped Off Service03-17-15
P-845Tree Planting Clearance Water Facility Pipe < 24-Inch Diameter03-28-16
P-910Valve Box And Cover (CIV)02-02-10
P-915Extension For Valve Box02-02-10
P-93012" x 14" CI Frame & Cover02-02-10
P-93514" x 20" CI Frame & Cover02-02-10

Standard Drawing bone yard ... Where old drawings hang out

DrawingDescriptionOld Effective Date
P-557Traffic Separators and Transitions05-12-2020