Construction Specifications

Construction Specifications
City of Portland Standard Specifications, City of Portland Special Provisions, City Construction Specifications, Standard Bid Items, Unique Special Provisions, Special Provision Boiler Plate, General Conditions, and Portland Fire & Rescue Access and Water Supply Standards.
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Special Provision Boiler Plate for Federal Aid Projects updated September 13, 2022.

PBOT Special Provision Boiler Plate and Standard Bid Item List updated September 1, 2022.

The City of Portland Standard Construction Specifications apply to all public improvements and work in the City rights-of-way. The book is a collaborative effort between BES, PBOT, PWB, Procurement Services and the City Attorney's Office. The City Standard Construction Specifications are patterned after the 2018 ODOT/APWA Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction with modifications to accommodate the issues typical to the urban city environment.  Special Provisions are updated on a regular basis and posted on this web page when a standard specification needs to be modified or updated.

 If you have comments or questions regarding the specifications, please contact Jason Grassman at 503-823-8669 or

Standard Specifications

Updated June 3, 2021

Updated September 1, 2022

Special Provisions 

Updated September 1, 2022

Updated September 13, 2022

Unique Special Provisions

Requirements for Fire Department Access and Water Supplies

Fire & Life Safety Requirements for Fire Department Access and Water Supplies (PDF)

2010 Specifications

(Superseded by 2020 specifications. Only use the following for projects adhering to 2010 specifications.) 


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