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Project Delivery Process, Checklists, Forms, Documents, and Standards
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September 26, 2022 Addition of Engineering Directive for Setting Safe Speed Limits on Portland Streets

September 19, 2022 Addition of Capital Project Delivery Stages, Gates, and Rolls slideshow

April 1, 2022 Addition of Design Guidelines Section and NEW Civil Design Guide for Public Street Improvements

Design Guidelines

Capital Project Roles & Responsibilities

ODOT Contract Projects

Utility Notification Forms 

Design Exceptions

FEMA Floodplain/Floodway

Checklist Plan Review

Plan Sheets

Note: CAD title blocks above are contained in .txt files. Download the *.txt file, then change the file's extension from *.txt to *.dgn after downloading. 

Estimation Forms

Standard Bid Item List 

Traffic Signs 

Utility Vaults 

Railroad Coordination 

 ODOT Rail Site

City Engineer Directives


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