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PBOT Strategic Plan - One bureau, one mission

One bureau
Second section of the Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) Strategic Plan "Moving to Our Future" (2019-2024). Under the heading "One bureau, one mission" it outline PBOT's operational imperatives. Originally published 2019. Revised 2023.
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Moving to Our Future’s vision will take more than just hard work and effective planning. It demands we focus on how PBOT functions as an organization.Throughout this plan’s development, themes related to PBOT’s organization continued to emerge. It became clear that this plan’s success depended on improving PBOT’s day-to-day operations. 

This plan asks every PBOT employee to think about how they can contribute to our bureau’s shared success. To support them, our Office of the Director will engage with leadership and staff across the bureau to determine how their work contributes to the outcomes that are identified in this strategic plan, as well as the align efforts and foster collaboration. 

Specifically, we will work on the following operational imperatives to our organization:

Operational Imperatives

Improve workforce and organizational wellness

We will work as one bureau and one city by:

  • Identify new revenue sources that align with our policy goals and stabilize the bureau;
  • Improve functionality and awareness of resources on the employee intranet;
  • Conduct biannual employee surveys and roll out PBOT C.A.R.E.S. initiative (Communication, Accountability, Recognition, Employee Development, and Safety); 
  • Document critical processes across the bureau to support process improvement and change management; and
  • Build a culture of physical and psychological safety among PBOT employees.

Optimize data collection, data use, and data accessibility 

We will make evidence-based policy decisions by:

  • Implement annual performance data collection and reporting process using the PBOT Catalog; 
  • Produce performance "spotlights" for each group and division using data to tell our story and clarifying the outcomes each team helps achieve; and
  • Further improve data governance and management by advancing PBOT's Data Management Roadmap.

Enhance engagement with the community 

We will listen and collaborate with our community by:

  • Creating standard operating procedures for community engagement, advisory bodies, and information sharing; 
  • Acquiring and implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software for tracking data from community engagement and bureau contributions through sponsorships, contracts, and grants; and
  • Creating and implementing a Language Access Plan; 

Invest in external partnerships 

We will collaborate across the city and the region by:

  • Develop state, regional, and federal partnerships related to major funding opportunities and policy areas; 
  • Partner with city hall and other infrastructure bureaus on transition related to charter reform;
  • Engage with coalitions of transportation agencies and organizations to advance shared policy goals; and
  • Advance PBOT’s Tribal Relations work plan. 

Achieve excellence in project delivery 

We will deliver on our commitments to the public by:

  • Complete the project delivery manual for large scale and quick build capital projects, further operationalizing “stages and gates”; 
  • Improve project controls and consistently report on capital program performance; and
  • Improve communication and coordination across stages and gates, as well as documentation of decision making process and rationale.

Download the full plan: