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Moving to Our Future’s vision will take more than just hard work and effective planning. It demands we focus on how PBOT functions as an organization.Throughout this plan’s development, themes related to PBOT’s organization continued to emerge. It became clear that this plan’s success depended on improving PBOT’s day-to-day operations. 

This plan asks every PBOT employee to think about how they can contribute to our bureau’s shared success. To support them, our Office of the Director will engage with leadership and staff across the bureau to determine how their work contributes to the outcomes that are identified in this strategic plan, as well as the align efforts and foster collaboration. At the same time, our Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance will work with the Office of the Director and bureau leadership to define the measures and targets that we will use to track our progress toward delivering on this strategy, while also fostering continuous improvement bureau-wide.

Specifically, we will work on the following improvements to our organization:

Strengthen bureau alignment and capacity 

We will work as one bureau and one city by:

  • Collaborating and communicating better across functions, divisions, and locations;
  • Developing and supporting a diverse workforce that reflects the experience and perspective of the entire city;
  • Aligning our key policy positions so we speak consistently and clearly; 
  • Clarifying the process and authority for making decisions;
  • Linking the goals of our strategic plan to budget, programs, and measures; and
  • Supporting a culture of learning, where employees are considered thought leaders in their field. 

Optimize data collection, data use, and data accessibility 

We will make evidence-based policy decisions by:

  • Identifying, collecting, and managing data with enough frequency and consistency to improve planning and investment in each of our goals; 
  • Sharing key data measures with stakeholders and the public to build confidence that our work is improving the lives of Portlanders;
  • Using data to make smart and equitable decisions, including qualitative survey data to monitor whether our work is in line with the priorities of our community; 
  • Taking advantage of data to evaluate whether we are delivering the desired outcomes; and
  • Evaluating each project’s performance before and after implementation. 

Enhance engagement with the community 

We will listen and collaborate with our community by:

  • Fostering better communication and trust, and engaging communities early; 
  • Learning more about the needs of each community through quantitative and qualitative outreach and research;
  • Increasing opportunities for the community to participate in developing policy and making decisions; 
  • Encouraging full community engagement on transportation issues in our city; and
  • Clarifying the bureau’s expectations for public engagement and supporting staff more in this work for programs and projects.

Invest in external partnerships 

We will collaborate across the city and the region by:

  • Identifying our strategic partners and clarifying the priorities and expectations for each relationship; 
  • Developing a clear understanding of the interests and needs that overlap between PBOT and each partner; and
  • Collaborating with partners to achieve our shared goals, and provide leadership as needed. 

Achieve Excellence in Project Delivery 

We will deliver on our commitments to the public by:

  • Developing better methods for training staff on project efficiency and delivery; 
  • Using best practices to deliver capital projects within scope, schedule, and budget;
  • Promoting a level of coordination on each project that will achieve positive outcomes toward multiple bureau goals; 
  • Improving the prioritization and selection of projects to better reflect both strategic priorities and equitable investment across the city; and
  • Innovating and using creative solutions that minimize cost and delay, maximize performance over the complete life of our investments, and deliver projects with minimal disruption to neighborhoods and communities.