Updates to TRN-1.27 Bureau of Transportation Public Works Alternate Review Committee

PBOT is updating administrative rule TRN-1.27 Bureau of Transportation Public Works Alternate Review Committee. The proposed rule changes and description can be found below.

PBOT is updating TRN-1.27 (Bureau of Transportation Public Works Alternate Review Committee). This rule describes the Public Works Alternative review process used by PBOT development review staff to consider requests for an alternative to the standard sidewalk cross section when unique development conditions may preclude full standard frontage improvements. Alternatives to construct or maintain a less than standard width sidewalk for the entire frontage or at a particular point are eligible for this process.

The updated rule adds ‘Criteria for Accessing the Public Works Alternatives Process’ to provide greater clarity on the types of conditions when PBOT may grant an alternative request, provided that the alternative frontage improvement provides the minimum relief necessary to accommodate the site condition while maximizing pedestrian circulation and access. The criteria are not an exhaustive list, but cover common site conditions found across the city and are intended to support applicants in making a request through this process.

Per TRN 16.01 – Administrative Rules and Procedures, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is publishing the proposed administrative rule for 30 days of public comment. PBOT will be accepting public comment for this Tier 1 update until 5:00pm on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Any comments may be submitted to pbotpolicycomments@portlandoregon.gov. All comments received will reviewed by PBOT staff.