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This page contains commonly referenced City code and administrative rules related to PBOT development and permitting processes. Chapters refer to city code and TRN refers to transportation administrative rules.
How to apply for an exception to the driveway standards of 17.28.110.
Information on Driveway Permits for rights-of-way controlled by the City of Portland.
Standards for Driveway access for rights-of-way controlled by the City of Portland.
Explains the process for a public works alternative review.
Overview of how to determine what street and sidewalk improvements will be triggered as part of a development proposal. Improvement requirements can be triggered by Land Use Reviews or Building Permits.
This page contains the forms used to determine the scope of transportation analyses that may be required as part of a land use or building permit application.
TRN 1.22 establishes the situations in which the City will accept the existing sidewalk configuration as the standard for the block length. This page is intended to explain the policy in a step by step manner to assist property owners in determining if this policy applies to their property.
PBOT's process for reviewing potential electric utility vaults (UV) or structures for the benefit of the adjacent property owner within the public ROW.