Other Development Review Requirements

Other rules and requirements pertaining to development review.
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Transportation Demand Management

Description and sample TDM plans are required for developments of more than 10 dwelling units in commercial/mixed use zones outside of the Central City Plan District.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plans for Commerical and Mixed Zones

Plat and Subdivision Conditions

Dedication and Easement Language

If you plan to submit a proposed plat to the City of Portland, our staff  will show you the standard dedication and easement language to use for speedier review and approval. This will occur through the standard plat review process.

Street Design for Land Divisions

For a land division, including subdivisions, street and pedestrian improvements may be required. If you know the zoning  for the site and the street classifications, you can then use Creating Public Streets and Pedestrian Connections through the Land Use and Building Permit Process document to identify the typical street configuration.

Requirements for Fire Department Access and Water Supply

Good faith guidance to building officials, contractors, architects, business owners, and the general public on local interpretations and practices that are considered to be in compliance with the Oregon Fire Code

Fire access and water supply rules

Standards Example: Portland Streetcar

A source of information and to provide insight to the unique characteristics of Portland Streetcar, and as a reference to be used in conjunction with other City guidelines and regulations.