New Administrative Rule: PBOT Sidewalk Corridor Widths within Historic Resource Overlay Zones

PBOT is creating a new administrative rule: TRN-XX.XX – Sidewalk Corridor Widths within Historic Resource Overlay Zones. The proposed rule and description can be found below.

PBOT has developed a new administrative rule related to sidewalk improvements in Historic Resource Overlay Zones. This rule was developed in collaboration with the Bureau of Developmental Services and the Design and Historic Landmarks Commissions. The rule recognizes the preservation value ascribed to Historic Resource Overlay Zones, where the requirement to construct a wider sidewalk with development to meet current standards may conflict with established building façade lines that contribute to the coherency of a Historic/Conservation District. The admin rule applies to Civic and Neighborhood Main Streets within Historic Overlay Zones and allows for a 12’ sidewalk rather than the 15’ standard to assist in the preservation of Historic building façade lines.

Per TRN 16.01 – Administrative Rules and Procedures, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is publishing the proposed administrative rule for 30 days of public comment. PBOT will be accepting public comment for this Tier 2 update until 5:00pm on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

A virtual public hearing will be held upon request by the public and can be requested by emailing Any comments or requests for a public hearing may be submitted to All comments received will reviewed by PBOT staff.

Please see below to view the proposed changes.