Updates to PBOT Driveways Code and Administrative Rules


The proposed updates to 17.28.110 Driveways- Permits and Conditions and TRN-10.40 Driveways- Permits and Conditions clarify current practices and requirements established by PBOT Development Review. The code and administrative rule changes add descriptions and graphics. These include a consolidation of driveway widths, location and operational requirements, and conditions for shared driveways.

The definitions contained in 17.28.100 Driveways Defined will be moved into the updated 17.28.110 and TRN-10.40. 17.28.100 will be repealed.

The proposed code and admin rule language can be found below:

This code change will be heard at the Portland City Council on November 10, 2021 as a non-emergency, regular agenda ordinance. There will be an opportunity for public testimony at this hearing. Please see the Portland City Auditor’s website, for more information and any updates on the Council hearing.