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2022 BIKETOWN Snapshot

This image depicts a BIKETOWN user locking or unlocking a BIKETOWN bike.
This page features a snapshot of how BIKETOWN performed as a bike-share system in 2022. Here you will find milestones, ridership numbers, and information on all of the outreach we conducted in 2022.
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Shared Micromobility Overview​

2022 was a historic year for Portland’s BIKETOWN and e-scooter programs. Both programs set ridership records for a combined 1.5 million trips. This snapshot provides an overview of both programs.​

Shared micromobility refers to lightweight vehicles available for public use. In Portland, this refers to the BIKETOWN bike-share and E-Scooter programs. Three e-scooter companies operate under a PBOT-issued permit (Bird, Lime and Spin). Lyft operates BIKETOWN under a contract with PBOT and through a public-private partnership between Nike and PBOT.​

Riders have taken nearly 6.5 million trips since the programs began.

(Read the full Shared Micromobility report below)

BIKETOWN by the Numbers

  • Number of bikes: 1,500 e-bikes (increasing to 2,000 e-bikes total in 2023
  • Service Area: 41 square miles
  • Total Stations: 232
  • System trips in 2022: 565,000*
  • All-time system trips (since July 2016)2,242,000*
  • Adaptive BIKETOWN 2022 rentals: 245
  • Total equity users (BIKETOWN for All): 2,630
  • BIKETOWN for All trips in 2022: 202,000*

(*Approximate numbers)

BIKETOWN Milestones in 2022

  • BIKETOWN ridership increased by 65% from 2021
  • Highest single day ridership for BIKETOWN: April 23, (3,270 rides) during Earth Day weekend promo
  • Added 24 new BIKETOWN stations, mostly in North Portland and East Portland 
  • Supported 80 community events 
  • Prescribe A Bike PDX expands BIKETOWN access to Multnomah County Health patients and Parkrose, McDaniel and Roosevelt High Schools

BIKETOWN 2022 Ridership 

This image shows a heat map of Portland depicting where the highest density of BIKETOWN trips started in 2022. Colors range from yellow to dark purple, with yellow being the least amount of trip starts and purple being the most.

BIKETOWN ridership exceeded 560,000 rides, breaking the previous annual ridership record. Total trips increased by 65% from 2021.

BIKETOWN 2022 Trips

A bright pink graph showing the volume of BIKETOWN trips taken in 2022 broken down by date. The graph has a large spike during April when we gave users free rides during Earth Day weekend. An arrow points to this spike marking it as the highest single day for trips in BIKETOWN 2.0 history.

While BIKETOWN ridership peaks during the summer months, people still use BIKETOWN all-year round to get around Portland. *BIKETOWN 2.0 launched in September 2020. 

BIKETOWN 2022 Trip Distances

Bright pink bar graph depicting the highest average ride distance for the BIKETOWN 2.0 system. The highest bar shows rides ranging between 0.5 and 1 mile.

Approximately 81% of BIKETOWN trips were three miles or less, compared to 90% for e-scooters. This demonstrates a higher portion of BIKETOWN users traveled longer distances on their trips than e-scooter users. Furthermore, 36% of BIKETOWN trips were one mile or less compared to 56% of e-scooter trips. Although this still highlights the high demand of both BIKETOWN and e-scooters for short trips (three miles or less), and potentially serving as a crucial connection for the first and last mile to transit stops.​

2022 BIKETOWN Outreach

This image shows three PBOT employees at the Parkrose Pedal 2022 event sitting on BIKETOWN e-bikes. In front of them written in chalk on the ground, the words "BIKETOWN Loves Parkrose".


Orange bar graph representing how many Adaptive BIKETOWN trips were taken per month during 2022.

Adaptive BIKETOWN is Portland’s adaptive bike rental program. The program’s goal is to increase access to cycling for people with disabilities.​

Adaptive BIKETOWN had an amazing 2022! With qualifying participants receiving free one-hour rentals, we were able to get more folks on adaptive cycles than ever before. ​​

We launched two editions of the Adaptive BIKETOWN newsletter which covers more Adaptive news in detail. 

This is a group photo with everyone who participated in the 2022 Harry Styles themed group ride leaving from our location on the East Bank Esplanade.

1st Edition - Spring

2nd Edition - Fall

2022 Adaptive BIKETOWN Snapshot:

Total Rentals: 245

Total Hours: 921


BIKETOWN for All offers an affordable, accessible, and fun transportation option for everyone, regardless of income. Our equity program allows those who qualify for certain state or federal assistance programs to sign up and receive a discounted BIKETOWN membership.​

BIKETOWN for All is led by PBOT and in partnership with Lyft and Nike. In 2022, the BIKETOWN outreach and partnerships team focused on the following areas to increase our reach: high schools, colleges, Multnomah County Health Centers and partners, affordable housing partners, and various other community partners and service providers across the city. ​

This year we reached 2,630 BIKETOWN for All members who took a total of 202,000 trips!​

College Outreach

BIKETOWN for All is available to all financial aid-eligible college students. ​

In February, BIKETOWN partnered with University of Portland to sign students up for BIKETOWN for All. We installed a station in front of campus for students to get to and from class. ​

The BIKETOWN for All outreach team has been working with Portland Community College (PCC Cascade) to sign up 16-21 year old high school English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students and alternative education program participants of Yes to College, Future Connect, and Gateway to College. ​

Portland State University (PSU) also provides $20 riding credit to students that don’t qualify for BIKETOWN for All. BIKETOWN visited PSU’s Viking Days, a series of events and activities welcoming students to the urban campus in fall 2022.

Prescribe a Bike PDX 

The Prescribe a Bike PDX program connects patients of Multnomah County Clinics and high school students to bike-share. Our program strives to improve physical and mental health through active transportation.​

Through the Prescribe a Bike PDX program, BIKETOWN has established partnerships with Multnomah County health centers and through student health staff in high schools. Our team set up pop-up style outreach events outside three health centers and high schools consistently to connect patients to free bike-share. Prescribe a Bike PDX hosted multiple group rides in 2022 to engage participants and help them get comfortable biking around Portland.​

2022 Prescribe a Bike PDX Rides:
  • PCC Cascade Campus Ride 
  • NE Cully Sunday Parkways Ride
  • McCoy Park/New Columbia Ride
  • East Portland Sunday Parkways Ride
  • Latino Network Ride 

High School Outreach

Through funding support for Prescribe a Bike PDX, BIKETOWN partnered with Portland Public Schools (PPS) to connect students, ages 16 and older, to free bike-share. With the help of PBOT’s Safe Routes to School team, students at McDaniel, Parkrose, and Alliance High Schools are receiving bike safety training, helmets, and free BIKETOWN rides for a year! PBOT has also developed a safety and transportation-focused curriculum called the Transportation Academy available for our PPS partners. 

BIKETOWN and Housing

BIKETOWN partnered with multiple PBOT programs and other housing partners to connect BIKETOWN for All to their networks. We also partnered with resident coordinators at multiple affordable housing sites around Portland to connect residents to these resources. ​

2022 Housing Partners: 
  • Louisa Flowers Apartments 
  • 72Foster Apartments 
  • Crescent Court Apartments 
  • Rose Apartments 

New Stations to Expand Access

Map of the BIKETOWN service area with all of the stations installed in 2022 marked with pins.

The BIKETOWN station planning team focused on installing new stations in North and East Portland, where we recently expanded our service area. 

New BIKETOWN Stations in North Portland

  • University of Portland
  • Rose City Taqueria
  • St. Johns Plaza
  • Cathedral Coffee
  • Paul Bunyan Statue - Kenton
  • New Columbia - McCoy Park
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Cathedral Park

New BIKETOWN Stations in East Portland

  • Parkrose High School
  • McDaniel High School
  • Midland Library
  • Parkrose Transit Center
  • Cedar Commons Affordable Housing
  • Fubonn Shopping Center
  • Lents Park
  • Cully Park
  • Eastport Plaza 

Portland Shared Micromobility – Looking Forward​

PBOT and its operating partners plan to increase the positive impact of bike-share and e-scooters as reliable, accessible and sustainable transportation options. Here’s a preview of a few things coming in 2023: ​

PBOT plans to launch its permanent E-Scooter program in 2023. Portland was one of the nation’s first cities to create an E-Scooter permit program in 2018. A permanent program will create more certainty for users and providers. The new program will include new features that reduce sidewalk conflicts for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. These include a lock-to requirement for e-scooters and fewer operators to improve user experience.​

PBOT was also the nation’s first large-scale bike-share system to provide access to adaptive cycles through a rental program. In 2022, PBOT began engaging community stakeholders to understand how Adaptive BIKETOWN could improve. PBOT is convening our second Adaptive BIKETOWN work group this spring and will announce its findings later this year. ​

E-scooter and bike-share had robust year-over-year growth in 2021 and 2022. We expect ridership for both systems to grow even further in 2023.