Spring 2023 Adaptive BIKETOWN Newsletter

Welcome to Adaptive BIKETOWN’s Spring newsletter of 2023! We hope these letters keep you in tune with our work all throughout the year.
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2023 Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the Adaptive BIKETOWN Newsletter!

We are coming off of an incredibly productive winter planning season with feedback from our second work group. We are ready to kick off our summer programming with a new fleet of bikes and plenty of group rides! 

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Adaptive BIKETOWN kicked off our 2023 season with a stakeholder work group that shared the Adaptive BIKETOWN story with participants, introduced our newest additions to the fleet of bikes, and collected feedback on how the program is being run. What we heard is that we need more Adaptive BIKETOWN! We have expanded our Kerr Bikes OMSI location hours so you can now ride any Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Adaptive BIKETOWN is going to start hosting monthly group rides or Buddy Rides” and are planning a huge adaptive group ride at the Northeast Cully Sunday Parkways event on June 25th. Thanks to Nike, our gracious sponsors, Adaptive BIKETOWN rides are still free for the first hour for folks who live with a disability or who cannot ride a traditional two-wheeled bike. Read on to find out more details about everything Adaptive BIKETOWN is doing this summer!

Join us for our first Buddy Ride this Saturday, May 20th at 11am at Kerr Bikes! 

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Adaptive BIKETOWN Work Group - March 2023 

A zoom call with 12 participants

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2023 Adaptive BIKETOWN workgroups!

We hear you!

Adaptive BIKETOWN and PBOT held two work group sessions with people who had already ridden Adaptive BIKETOWN, as well as folks that were new to the program. The two sessions allowed program staff to present on the history of Adaptive BIKETOWN, introduce potential new additions to the bike fleet, and collect feedback on disability resources and what types of events would connect more people to Adaptive BIKETOWN.  

Below is a recap of how we have been addressing those needs, and the full notes of recommendations and resources are located at this link. 

Can we get more signage for the Springwater Corridor?   This spring, PBOT will engage Portland Parks and Recreation, OMSI (property owner), Kerr Bikes and other stakeholders to explore improved signage. PBOT has cones that can be used for our group rides, but we could also use some event-day signage when we’re all out there. Work in progress!

What has been done to prevent cars from entering the Springwater Corridor? Portland Parks & Recreation have set boulder-blockades at a number of locations and Kerr Bikes has blocked access to the trail through the Kerr Bikes parking lot. Anyone needing to use our disabled parking spot can call us (503-802-5271) and we will give you access.

A collection of large boulders blocking auto entrance to a bicycle path

Boulder blockade at SE 111th and Springwater Corridor (Photo: Bike Portland)

Anytime a car is illegally on this path, Kerr staff immediately instructs them on the safest and closest route off the path and warns them it is illegal to be on the path as it poses serious safety risks to others. 

Can Adaptive BIKETOWN put group rides on its social media feeds?  

You can follow the Adaptive BIKETOWN Instagram (link)for news and updates about group rides and events. Events are now being posted on theAdaptive BIKETOWN website (link). 

Can we get text messages if Adaptive BIKETOWN unexpectedly closes?  

If Adaptive BIKETOWN ever closes during normal hours, we will post it on the banner at the top of the Adaptive BIKETOWN website (link). Kerr Bikes is not set up to send out text notifications at this time.

Can Adaptive BIKETOWN have more consistent hours? 

Yes! Thursday-Monday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

(Again, the Adaptive BIKETOWN website (link) will announce unexpected closures.)

What about a 24-hour rental?  

We have an option for a 24-hour rental costing only $24/day for those who qualify. Email us at info@kerrbikes.org for more information on who is eligible.

Will Adaptive BIKETOWN be doing events with Adaptive Sports Northwest

Yes! Adaptive BIKETOWN, Shriners Hospital for Children and Adaptive Sports Northwest will get together at the NE Cully Sunday Parkways on June 25 for a massive adaptive group ride!  Shriners Hospital for Children will be hosting an adaptive clinic from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the corner of NE 37th and Ainsworth where both Adaptive BIKETOWN and Adaptive Sports Northwest will also have a fleet of adaptive bikes to try. At 1 p.m. anyone can join us for one of the biggest adaptive rides in Portland! Disability parking available on site. 

Does Adaptive BIKETOWN provide locks? 

Locks are available, but any damage or theft of Adaptive BIKETOWN bikes are the customer's responsibility. Participants should never leave a bike unattended in public. 

Will there be lap belts for all of the bicycles? 

It is in the budget for 2023!

Will you be partnering with theKelly Brush Foundation?  

Although we’re not a partner, we think it’s a great resource - go to kellybrushfoundation.org (link) for information on getting up to $5000 towards a new adaptive bike for spinal cord injury riders.

Could Adaptive BIKETOWN participate in a summer camp? We are looking into partnering with other adaptive groups for field trips, and we would love to talk with existing summer camps about having them use Adaptive BIKETOWN for their participants with disabilities. If you have any ideas let us know!

Is there a way to organically organize bike rides? Sure! Our Buddy Rides would work great for that if you need support. You can bring yourself or a group to Kerr Bikes on the third Saturday of each month through August at 11 a.m.. If you would like to organize a ride on your own, just call ahead to let us know and/or fill out the reservations form (link) on the Adaptive BIKETOWN website, and leave a message in the comment section about your proposed ride. 

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New Bikes!

The Adaptive BIKETOWN fleet just keeps growing! Check out our newest additions:

Street Strider - 7-speed transmission, stable, three-wheel platform with lean-to-steer system, front and rear disk brakes, natural, upright posture. This bike is good for people who do not experience balance issues and who may experience discomfort sitting or riding a standard two-wheel bicycle.

A collection of large boulders blocking auto entrance to a bicycle path

AmTryke 1412 (max weight 125 lbs, 36’’-42’’) - Fixed drive, highly adjustable, brake lock for secure transfer, rear steering allows for guiding assistance, low center of gravity for stability. This bike is good for children and smaller riders who have difficulty riding two-wheel bikes. The foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect.

An adaptive tricycle for children with a rear handle so adults can aid

AmTryke 1416 (max weight 175 lbs, 41’’-60’’) - Dual hub can be switched from fixed drive to freewheel. This stable trike is good for children, teens and smaller adults who have trouble riding a two-wheel bike. For more info on getting one for yourself go to https://www.pdxambucs.org/  

An adaptive tricycle for children with a handle in the rear so adults can help

Lightening Hand Cycle: This light weight competition hand cycle is meant for athletes who really want to go fast. Tilt steering means you don’t have to even turn the headset. You just lean into the turn at full speed and pedal at the same time!

A competition 3-wheel recumbent bicycle

Delta Tandem Hitch Coupler: We now have the ability to connect one trike to another, front to back! This allows for one rider to be towed with the support of the front rider. Unlike our popular side-by-side tandem which allows two cyclists to ride together, this option has throttle and pedal assist for the rider in front, for an extra boost. 

Two adult riders on recumbent bicycles. The rear bicycle has no front wheel, but is attached to the rear of the leading cycle.

And while we're on this photo - Meet our new staff at Kerr Bikes & Boats next to OMSI! Dan (above left) has decades of experience working at various bike shops and working with people with disabilities in classroom environments. Adaptive BIKETOWN users will see either Dan, Austin (Staff mechanic) or Kristin (Above right - Kerr Bikes and Adaptive BIKETOWN manager) at our shop.

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2023 Adaptive BIKETOWN Group Rides 

Ride with a Buddy - Adaptive BIKETOWN will be hosting group rides every third Saturday through August (May 20, June 17, July 15, and  August 19) at 11 a.m. Changes to time or updates for weather will be noted on our events page on the Adaptive BIKETOWN website (link)

These monthly rides are for anyone unable to ride a traditional, non-electric two-wheeled bicycle - as well as their friends and family! And, of course, we will offer free BIKETOWN E-bike rentals to anyone who wants to join us.

If you’re going to use one of the bikes in our Adaptive BIKETOWN fleet, make sure to reserve ahead of time (link) as they will be in demand.

The rides will start and end at Kerr Bikes, next to OMSI. The group will get together at Mt. Hood's Tilikum Station Brewing for pizza and drinks afterwards. This is a family friendly wheelchair accessible restaurant.  

June 25 Sunday Parkways - Adaptive BIKETOWN will join forces with Adaptive Sports NW and  Shriners Hospital for Children for one of the biggest group adaptive rides in Portland! Join us at the corner of NE Ainsworth and 37th Avenue (map link) for a 3 mile parade around the Sunday Parkways route! The ride starts at 1 p.m. so make sure you get there early to get your equipment ready. Disability parking available - Just turn into NE Ainsworth from NE 33rd and show your disability parking placard.

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Location + Hours

1945 SE Water Ave., Bldg B (Big red barn next to OMSI)  

Portland, OR 97214

Thursday - Monday; 11 a.m - 5 p.m.

Website: www.adaptivebiketown.com

Instagram: Adaptive BIKETOWN (@adaptive_biketown)

Kerr Bikes Customer Service 

​email: info@kerrbikes.org

phone: (503) 802-5271 or 311 afterhours 

Adaptive BIKETOWN program questions, comments & feedback  

email: sharedmicromobility@portlandoregon.gov