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About BIKETOWN for All

Two BIKETOWN riders riding bikes in Portland
BIKETOWN for All offers affordable, accessible, and fun bike-share transportation for everyone, regardless of income. Those who qualify for certain forms of state or federal assistance can sign up for discounted BIKETOWN memberships. Information on member benefits, eligibility, and how to sign up.
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Membership benefits

  • $0/month annual membership 
  • Free to unlock a bike, then 5 cents a minute to ride
  • Monthly $10 credit for rides (5 cents a minute) and to cover out of station parking fee ($1 per instance)
    • Monthly credit resets to $10 each month (unused credit does not carry over to next month)
    • Monthly credit does NOT COVER $5 fine for parking outside the service area or $5 fine for leaving bike unlocked at end of trip
  • Bikes available 24/7 year-round throughout the service area 
  • Free helmets at our Adaptive BIKETOWN location (1945 SE Water Ave.) during seasonal hours and at the Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave.). Please call 311 ahead of time to arrange for pickup at the Portland Building.


  • Individuals 16 and older who qualify for or receive any of the following:
    • Students qualifying for Pell Grants - Portland campuses only
    • Those with an Oregon Trail Card (SNAP)
    • Low-Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    • Affordable housing residents
    • Those who qualify for unemployment assistance 
    • Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members
    • TriMet Honored Citizen pass holders with qualifying incomes

Qualifying documents must include the applicant's name. If you are not sure if you meet the requirements, contact 311 so city staff can help.

Before you sign up

Be prepared with all of the following:

  • An active phone number that can receive our verification code by text.
  • Documentation of eligibility (see criteria above).
  • Payment method. Your payment method is used to cover trips and fees beyond the $10 monthly credit and for any fines ($5 for parking outside of the service area, $5 for leaving bike unlocked at end of trip.)

If you do not have access to any of the above, including a payment method, please contact or call 311 so city staff can assist you.

How to sign up for BIKETOWN for All


Prospective BIKETOWN for All members need a phone number capable of receiving a text message, proof of eligibility, and a credit or debit card to sign up online. 

  • Step 1: Sign up at BIKETOWNforAll.comby clicking the orange "Join" button (located in the top right corner of the webpage)You will need to provide a phone number, date of birth, and submit a photo of your document of eligibility. 
  • Step 2: Your eligibility documents will be reviewed (approximately 2-5 days) and the BIKETOWN for All membership team will contact you via email to complete the sign-up process.
  • Step 3: Open the confirmation email and click on the link to complete your process.
  • Step 4: Add a payment method as backup for parking fees. Be sure to review the rules of operating a BIKETOWN bike beforehand to avoid such fees.

In person:

  • Adaptive BIKETOWN location on the Eastbank Esplanade (1945 SE Water Ave.). Check hours of operation before you plan a visit as hours vary greatly during cycling and off seasons. 
  • The Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave.) Contact 311 to schedule a time to sign up in person outside of the regular hours of the Adaptive BIKETOWN location.

By phone or email:


How can I maximize my $10 monthly credit?

  • Avoid $1 out of station parking fee by parking at BIKETOWN stations (or at bike racks in the Super Hub Zone east of 72nd Ave within the service area). 
  • Join Bike Angels to earn ride credit from rides that end at most BIKETOWN stations. Click on "View Profile" in the BIKETOWN app to join. 

Where can I park a BIKETOWN bike? Users should follow BIKETOWN parking and service area parameters. BIKETOWN for All Members are charged a $5 fine for parking outside the service area (the general public or people who are not BIKETOWN for All members pay a $25 fee.) BIKETOWN for All Members are encouraged to park bikes at BIKETOWN stations. A $1 out of station fee will be charged against the $10 monthly credit for each instance of parking outside a station. 

What if I do not have a credit card or debit card? If you do not have a credit or debit card to attach to your BIKETOWN account, please send your full name, address, and date of birth to or call 311

What if I do not have a smartphone or data to check out bikes? We have key cards that can be linked to BIKETOWN accounts. These cards let you unlock bikes without a smartphone by tapping the card to the back fender of the bike, causing it to unlock. Once you have activated your BIKETOWN for All account, please email to request a key card. 

What if I do not have a permanent address? Email us at or call 311. Key cards will be made available for pickup at the front desk of the Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave.). We will contact you when it is ready. 

Pro tips for BIKETOWN for All members

  • Check your bike’s battery in the app before your ride so you know it will last the entirety of your trip.
  • Bikes must be parked locked-to a bike rack, city bike corral, or municipal signpost in the right of way or sidewalk, with the bike oriented upright.
  • Never lock up your bike outside of the service area. Locking a BIKETOWN bike outside of the service area will end your ride and incur a fee.
  • Earn Ride Credits through Bike Angels. Redeem ride credits by bringing bikes parked outside of a station back to stations in need of bikes.
  • See new ways to explore Portland. BIKETOWN is the best way to see Portland. If you're visiting, showing guests around, or just want to be a tourist in your own town, checkout these popular rides, local attractions and events. 


BIKETOWN information

phone number311General BIKETOWN assistance from city staff, help signing up for programs. Available Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (excluding federal holidays). Translation services available.
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BIKETOWN account issues

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