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Phyllis Frus enjoys a test ride on a recumbent tricycle from Adaptive BIKETOWN.
Adaptive BIKETOWN is Portland's adaptive cycling resource for people living with a disability or who are unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bike. Partnership between the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Kerr Bikes. FREE 1-hour rides on any of our Adaptive BIKETOWN bikes.
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Location and Hours

Adaptive BIKETOWN operates out of Kerr Bikes, the big red barn just north of OMSI along the Eastbank Esplanade. We encourage making reservations online so there is time for bike fittings. Feel free to call for reservations as well:

Kerr Bikes & Boats

1945 SE Water Ave.

Portland, OR 97214



November - February (by reservation only)

March - October (reservations encouraged):

OPEN: Thursday - Monday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

CLOSED: Tuesday - Wednesday

Adaptive BIKETOWN online reservations

Upcoming Events

Ride With a Buddy


Third Saturday of the month (May - September)

  • 2023 Dates
    • May 20th
    • June 17th 
    • July 15th
    • August 19th
    • September 16th


Meet at our shop at OMSI and join others looking to ride adaptive bikes together!

  • Meet time - 11am
  • Group ride starts - 11:30 am

Sunday Parkways 


  • May 7th - East Portland
  • June 25th - Northeast Cully
  • September 10th - Southwest Portland

How to ride Adaptive BIKETOWN

Either booking ahead during the off-season or dropping in during our regular season, you'll be able to find the bike that best fits your needs. Things to keep in mind:

  • All 1-hour rentals are FREE if you identify as living with a disability or if for any other reason you are not able to ride a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. 
  • There is a BIKETOWN bike-share station just outside of the Adaptive BIKETOWN facility, perfect for a group rides. 

Learn more about different types of bikes on Adaptive BIKETOWN's website here.

Check out additional adaptive bicycling resources here.  


  • 1 hour or less: FREE for eligible riders
  • 1-2 hours: $5 total
  • 4 hours: $7 total
  • Full-day rental (up to 24 hours): $24

History of Adaptive BIKETOWN

BIKETOWN has partnered with Kerr Bikes to provide an extensive collection of adaptive bikes. 

Following the BIKETOWN launch in 2016, PBOT received two requests for accessible accommodation within its BIKETOWN bike-share system. In response, PBOT interviewed Portlanders with disabilities, organizations serving people with disabilities, bike-share systems in other cities, and city staff about the formulation of an accessible bike-share pilot program. 

In summer 2016, PBOT attended the Adaptive Bicycle Clinic, Wheel Connect (an event sponsored by Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection), and Incight's Summer HandCycling Series

Interviewees almost universally expressed a desire and/or need for a staffed service that could assist riders in transferring from their mobility devices to the adaptive bikes, as well as a safe storage site for the mobility devices. Because of the safety concerns of riding in auto traffic, and a primary interest in exercise and recreation, people wanted to use adaptive bicycles to ride on trails or paths without motor vehicles. At this time, the intent is to focus on adaptive cycle rentals through existing bike rental businesses located on or in close proximity to non-motorized trails.


Do I have to have a disability to try an adaptive bike? Anyone, with or without a disability, who identifies as someone who cannot ride a traditional two-wheel bike can ride adaptive bikes at Adaptive BIKETOWN for free for an hour.

Is there storage for mobility devices while renting adaptive bikes? Yes, you can store your mobility device at the Adaptive BIKETOWN location at Kerr Bikes & Boats.

How will I know if the Adaptive BIKETOWN bikes will fit my specific needs? Adaptive BIKETOWN has a storefront just north of OMSI staffed by people trained to fit you to your adaptive bikes. Unlike other BIKETOWN bike-share rental, adaptive bikes are stored in a secure building, reservations are required before renting, and a person is there to help you through your experience.

Does Adaptive BIKETOWN have electric-assist bikes? Yes. Adaptive BIKETOWN's website lists available electric-assist bikes here under the heading "Electric Assist Bikes."

Where can I rent adaptive bikes for longer than Adaptive BIKETOWN? Adaptive BIKETOWN bikes can be rented for up to a week, depending on availability. Longer term adaptive bicycle rental is currently available through Adaptive Sports Northwest.



sharedmicromobility@portlandoregon.govFor questions about the program or to schedule a ride
phone number503-802-5271For the most up to date hours of operation

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