Services and Resources for Sidewalks

Each year, PBOT creates an annual report to showcase the development of the Public Street Plaza Program. The 2023 report details plaza usage, visitor perspectives, and outlines opportunities for future growth and programmatic improvements.
About the Safe Routes to School program at the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

About Vision Zero

Protecting human lives is core to Vision Zero, the goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on Portland streets.
This page contains information about how to use public transportation to access the Lower Macleay trail at Forest Park.
Information and resources for Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) technical assistance. FAQs on ADA curb ramp scoping, design and construction criteria, as well as helpful resources and presentations.
Ifan ussun an ei PBOT’s Slow Streets/Safe Street Initiative (Túmúnún Won Anenap) epwe fiis? Aneani ekkewe kapaseis aramas iir mei sou kapaseis fanitan me ekkewe pekiin aùrèèùr mei kawor seni we Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways fansoun osukosuken COVID-19.
Portland Bureau of Transportation Vision Zero reports on deadly traffic crashes, patterns and trends, how the city responds to deadly traffic crashes, and how crash data works for each calendar year.

Annual Reports

Find all of the past annual reports on the ADA Title II Public Right-of-Way Transition Plan Update Implementation
Block Parties are a fun and easy way to build community and get to know your neighbors. Gather your neighbors to hold a Block Party in your street or turn the street over to the kids for play. With this free permit, you can host your event on your neighborhood street!
The Portland in the Streets team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) issues Community Event Permits to close streets, travel lanes, sidewalks, and parking spaces for events such as farmers markets, street fairs, cultural events, fundraisers and so much more!
The Portland in the Streets team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) issues Spaces to Places permits to beautify, repurpose, and energize public spaces into social or cultural areas. These projects should be designed to be long-term and must be open to the public.
Where to find tree permit applications, financial assistance programs, and other fee information. Please contact us at 823-TREE (8733) with any questions.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) through the Portland in the Streets program issues Vending Cart permits to allow vendors to sell food or merchandise using a small mobile cart. Vendors with a permit can vend at specific locations on the public sidewalk.
Apply for Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Outdoor Dining. Steps to follow before applying, fee schedule, links to design guidance and permit conditions.
In commercial districts, PBOT can install up to two FREE bike racks on the sidewalk in front of your property, but not on private property. These provide convenient bike parking for employees, visitors, and shoppers. Additional racks may be installed for a cost of $150 per bike rack.
City of Portland Approved Street Tree Planting Lists - these lists provide tree planting options for different street tree site conditions.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) manages transportation assets worth $19.7 billion. Our transportation system moves people, goods, freight, and emergency vehicles through the city. Our policy statement, reporting, risk assessment, and asset list illustrated in one chart.
Welcome back to school! Safe Routes to School offers resources for students and families to plan their trip to school and get there safely.