Most City offices closed Wednesday, June 19, to observe Juneteenth

The City of Portland recognizes Juneteenth as a formal day of remembrance to honor Black American history and the end of slavery in the United States. Learn about Juneteenth.

Services and Resources for Biking

Explainer from the Portland Bureau of Transportation) about “no turn on red” technology for traffic signals.
Explainer from the Portland Bureau of Transportation) about “rest in red” technology for traffic signals. How the technology works, how it’s deployed, what it costs. Information provided by PBOT’s Traffic Systems & Operations group and Vision Zero team.
Overview of the 2019 E-Scooter Findings Report and next steps for the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and shared electric scooters (e-scooters) in Portland. Links to the 2019 report, a dashboard to explore data on e-scooter trips, and an online questionnaire.
Each year, PBOT creates an annual report to showcase the development of the Public Street Plaza Program. The 2023 report details plaza usage, visitor perspectives, and outlines opportunities for future growth and programmatic improvements.
Portland Sunday Parkways presented by Kaiser Permanente announces its 2024 season featuring three open street events.
Portland Sunday Parkways is made possible with the help of our sponsors! They not only support us financially, but they also bring fun and valuable information on the day of the events.
Adaptive BIKETOWN is Portland's adaptive cycling resource for people living with a disability or who are unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bike. Partnership between the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and Kerr Bikes. FREE 1-hour rides on any of our Adaptive BIKETOWN bikes.


BIKETOWN is the Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) bike-share system operated by Lyft and sponsored by NIKE, Inc. Explore the history of the city's bike-share program and how we have expanded service over the years. Learn about memberships and programs.
BIKETOWN for All offers affordable, accessible, and fun bike-share transportation for everyone, regardless of income. Those who qualify for certain forms of state or federal assistance can sign up for discounted BIKETOWN memberships. Information on member benefits, eligibility, and how to sign up.
About the Safe Routes to School program at the Portland Bureau of Transportation.
Purpose and background information for the Off-road Cycling Master Plan.
Information about the Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) Way to Go Plan, a data-informed transporatation demand management strategy. Plan ensures city focuses on effective and equitable outcomes, guiding work around improving mobility, removing burdens, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

About Vision Zero

Protecting human lives is core to Vision Zero, the goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on Portland streets.
Adaptive bicycling resources for people with disabilities, links for short-term or long-term rentals, or where to purchase adaptive bikes locally. Information about projects from the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).
Ifan ussun an ei PBOT’s Slow Streets/Safe Street Initiative (Túmúnún Won Anenap) epwe fiis? Aneani ekkewe kapaseis aramas iir mei sou kapaseis fanitan me ekkewe pekiin aùrèèùr mei kawor seni we Portland’s Neighborhood Greenways fansoun osukosuken COVID-19.
Portland Bureau of Transportation Vision Zero reports on deadly traffic crashes, patterns and trends, how the city responds to deadly traffic crashes, and how crash data works for each calendar year.
Portland Bureau of Transportation updates the public on our Vision Zero work annually—what work we’ve done and what areas need more attention—through the Annual Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report.