Key Transition Documents and Resources

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Transition Plan

Plan Appendices:  

  • Equity statement (coming soon) 

  • Project communications plan (coming soon) 

  • Transition community engagement plan  

  • Change management framework (coming soon) 

  • Facility improvements project schedule (coming soon) 

Key Reports and Resources

Overall Transition 

November 2023 Transition Annual Report

March 2023 Transition Progress Report 

2022 City Charter Reform Costing Summary 

Independent Salary Commission 

Draft Salary Proposal June 2023 

Final Salary Proposal July 2023 

Independent District Commission 

Draft District Plan June 2023 - English 

Independent District Commission Public Comment Analysis June 2023 

City Organization 

Community Outcomes Report  

May Employee Engagement Report  

August Employee Engagement Report  

Educational Materials 

Salary Commission English Fact Sheet July 2023 

Government Transition Advisory Committee Questions & Staff Responses 

5.29.23 Q&A regarding Council & Mayor roles 

6.14.23 Q&A regarding role of Council & draft Transition Plan 

6.16.23 Q&A regarding role of the Government Transition Advisory Committee 

8.10.23 Q&A regarding decision to match district coalitions to new council districts 

8.23.23 Q&A regarding July 2023 status updates, transition budget, facilities, and Code 3.02 - Council Organization & Procedure 

8.30.23 Q&A regarding city organization, facilities, city budgeting 

9.6.23 Q&A regarding city organization, facilities, city budgeting

9.27.23 Q&A regarding change management and city organization

Monthly Status Updates 

November 2023 Transition Status Update

November 2023 Community Engagement Status Update

October 2023 Transition Status Update

October 2023 Community Engagement Status Update

September 2023 Transition Status Update 

September 2023 Community Engagement Status Update

August 2023 Community Engagement Status Update

August 2023 Transition Status Update 

July 2023 Community Engagement Status Update 

July 2023 Transition Status Update 

June 2023 Transition Status Update 

Public Comment Reports 

October 2023 Public Comment Report

September 2023 Public Comment Report 

August 2023 Public Comment Report 

July 2023 Public Comment Report 

June 2023 Public Comment Report 

May 2023 Public Comment Report 

April 2023 Public Comment Report 

March 2023 Public Comment Report 

November 2022-February 2023 Public Comment Report