Election code changes to allow for ranked-choice voting in November 2024

ballots stacked in a sorting machine
Starting in November 2024, Portland voters will have the opportunity to rank candidates in order of preference – one of three major changes underway for the City of Portland’s election system and form of government.

Multnomah County and Portland voters both decided in November 2022 to transition to ranked-choice voting. Portland joins a growing number of communities that seek to increase voter satisfaction and allow voters to rank candidates in order of their preference.

Portland City Council revised election code in April 2023

On April 12, 2023, Portland City Council heard from the City Transition team and regional election partners to discuss revisions to Code Chapter 2.08 - Election of Candidates.  The following week, on April 19, council voted to approve the code revisions.

The elections code is being updated in several significant ways: 

  • Eliminates the primary election for candidates.  

  • Eliminates special elections to fill vacancies beginning Jan. 1, 2025. 

  • Elects City officials using ranked-choice voting. 

The Charter Commission included these key amendments to the charter to encourage a more participatory and growing democracy. 

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