Independent District Commission draft criteria public comment period open-Public Hearing March 22nd

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Independent District Commission Update 

Dear Community Members, 

We are so excited to begin sharing updates with you all about the Independent District Commission. We will begin to regularly share news, progress, engagement opportunities and more as the District Commission embarks on this journey. 

What’s the Independent District Commission? 

The Independent District Commission (IDC) is charged with preparing and adopting a plan to divide Portland into four districts for the election of city councilors. As its name suggests, the IDC is an independent body authorized and responsible for preparing and adopting a district plan by September 1, 2023. The District Commission is required to prepare and adopt the district plan using the voter-approved district criteria, and any additional criteria the Commission establishes.  

The District Commission is also responsible for: 

  • Holding a citywide public hearing early in the process to engage Portlanders on district criteria 

  • Holding at least two public hearings in each proposed district before voting to adopt a district plan 

  • Ensuring district maps are consistent with state and federal laws and criteria 

The Commission requires that 9 of its 13 members approve the district plan to be adopted, if fewer than 9 approve, the most recent plan is sent to City Council for consideration. If the District Commission approves the plan, no further action is needed. 

What's happened & what's next? 

On behalf of the Independent District Commission, we are seeking community input and feedback to help shape the future voter districts for Portland City Council! District Commissioners want to hear your priorities. 

The Commission is currently focused on establishing criteria to draw the new districts, but we can’t do this without your input. There are criteria written into charter reforms passed by voters, and we are currently deliberating if additional criteria should be added before drawing the new districts. The established criteria are that districts: 

  • Will be contiguous and compact  

  • Use existing geographic or political boundaries   

  • Not divide communities of common interest  

  • Be connected by transportation links  

  • Be of equal population  

  • Districts may not be drawn for the purpose of diluting the voting strength of any language or ethnic minority group  

  • Districts may not be drawn for the purpose of favoring any political party 

How to engage with the Independent District Commission  

The public comment period opens today, March 15th, and ends on April 3rd at 8am. There are two ways to get involved: 

  • Signing up to give verbal testimony at our public hearing being held on March 22nd online from 6pm-8pm 

  • Submitting written public comment through our online content form, or via email to 

Other ways you can submit public comment: 

Sign-up for email updates: 

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If you have any questions, please contact Adam Briggs at or at 971-930-2669 

We hope to hear from you, and be sure check out our Independent District Commission website and sign up for email updates to get the latest information on districting. And don’t forget to listen in or watch recordings of our other meetings on the events page!