Facility Upgrades and Renovations 

A render of City Hall chambers with an expanded dais and space for community members to testify. The point of view is from someone sitting in the chamber's seating area.

Plans to Upgrade City Council Chambers and Council Offices 

Due to the voter-approved charter amendments, the roles, responsibilities, and number of council members will change. A critical deliverable requirement is to expand the council chambers and council offices. 

Today’s council chambers and offices are built for the current size and roles of council. To prepare for an expanded council, the City’s Facilities Services team is developing a comprehensive plan to build safe, welcoming, and accessible workspaces.   

In April 2023, council authorized the budget and a procurement method called Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), which awards an alternative construction delivery method. This will allow the City to be nimble and develop a plan for city council chambers that are large enough to accommodate the expanded city council and workspaces for the council, their staff, the mayor, and the city administrator. 

Council Chamber Changes

  • Upgrade layout to allow for the expanded number of councilors. 

  • Install broadcasting and audiovisual technology to adequately support in-person and hybrid meetings of an expanded council. 

  • Provide ADA accessibility.

  • Enhance security.

  • Work with the Bureau of Technology Services to support livestreaming and ensure council meetings can always be hybrid, with in-person and virtual options.

Renderings of these changes  

A render of City Hall chambers with an expanded dais and space for community members to testify.
A rendering of the future council chamber but from the perspective of a council member. They are looking over to presenters and community members' seating areas.
September 2023: These are design development renderings of the council chamber changes – to make room for all 12 councilors, increased testimonial seating and more integral Council Clerk, Attorney, City Administrator and/or Mayor seating.

Council office changes

  • Reconfigure council offices to serve 12 council members and support staff. 

  • Upgrade council offices to provide safety, technology, accessibility, and furniture improvements.

  • Improve security for elected officials and staff.

Learn more about project by watching a presentation the Facilities Services team gave the Government Transition Advisory Committee on Sept. 6, 2023.

Their section starts at 1:11:03 and goes until 1:55:29. 


City of Portland Transition Team

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