Portland Transition: Updating City Code

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Updates to the Portland City Charter and the city’s organizational chart need to be reflected in the City’s Municipal Code.
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Ensuring Updates Are Reflected in Municipal Code 

Portland’s Municipal Code must be amended to ensure that it matches with the City Charter, which was updated by Portlanders in the November 2022 election, and to ensure that any updates to the city’s organizational chart, approved by City Council in November of 2023, are accurately reflected.  

What is the Municipal Code?

The municipal code is the set of laws which have been formally approved by the City Council. They dictate everything from what authorities or responsibilities are given to each bureau to what regulations community members are required to follow when building or remodeling. 

The City of Portland’s municipal code currently has 34 titles. A project team made up of representatives from the Charter Transition team, the City Attorney’s office, and the City Auditor’s office are reviewing each of the titles and working with bureau subject matter experts and leadership to draft updates. The updates will be focused four areas 1) matching code to the city’s charter; 2) incorporating the new organizational chart; 3) removing racist, sexist, ableist or other biased language; and 4) updates based on new state, federal or county laws. 

Throughout this process the City of Portland will receive feedback and recommendations from the Government Transition Advisory Committee, a community oversight group being appointed to aid the city in implementing voters’ direction. 

Proposed and Completed Updates

Below is a list of all Portland Municipal Code titles. When updates have been drafted, they will be linked below for public review and input. You can also access the current Municipal Code at Portland.gov/Code

Title 1 General Provisions 

Title 2 Legislation & Elections 

Title 3 Administration – Updates to Chapter 3.02 completed. All other chapters under review. 

Title 4 Original Art Murals 

Title 5 Revenue and Finance 

Title 6 Special Taxes 

Title 7 Business Licenses 

Title 8 Health and Sanitation 

Title 9 Protected Sick Time 

Title 10 Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations 

Title 11 Trees 

Title 12 (Repealed) – No Updates Required 

Title 13 Bees and Livestock 

Title 14 Public Order and Police 

Title 15 Emergency Code - 

Comments due by 5 p.m. Jan. 22, 2024. This update will go to Council in February.

Title 16 Vehicles and Traffic 

Title 17 Public Improvements 

Title 18 Noise Control 

Title 19 Harbors 

Title 20 Parks and Recreation 

Title 21 Water 

Title 22 Hearings Officer 

Title 23 Civil Rights 

Title 24 Building Regulations 

Title 25 Plumbing Regulations 

Title 26 Electrical Regulations 

Title 27 Heating and Ventilating Regulations 

Title 28 Floating Structures 

Title 29 Property Maintenance Regulations 

Title 30 Affordable Housing 

Title 31 Fire Regulations 

Title 32 Signs and Related Regulations 

Title 33 Planning and Zoning 

Title 34 Digital Justice – No Updates Required 

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The City of Portland is committed to transparency and accountability. Stay tuned for more information about the transition. 

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