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District Plan

The map of the City of Portland's four geographic districts. The western district, district 4, is in purple. The district covering southeast, district 3, is in yellow. East Portland, district 1, is in green. North Portland, district 2, is in blue.

District Plan 

District Plan Adopted:

On August 21, 2023, the Independent District Commission unanimously adopted a District Plan. The District Plan includes a map and a description of the districts.

District Map:

View the map in more detail on DistrictR. To view neighborhood boundaries and the district numbers, click on the tab labeled "data layers" and check the boxes for the overlays you'd like to see. 

Independent District Commission District Plan Map

District Description:

District look-up tool:

Want to know in what district you live? Look up what address you live in on PortlandMaps.

Spatial Files:

The district maps shapefiles and geodatabase are available for download on the City of Portland's Open Data website here: https://gis-pdx.opendata.arcgis…

Final Report:

Background Information:

On June 1, 2023, the Independent District Commission released its Draft District Plan with three map options for community input. To view the Draft District Plan, maps released for public comment, and how community members engaged, please click here.