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Independent District Commission Overview

Small wooden figures that look like people are connected by lines, showing the concept of creating maps.
Thirteen community members on Portland's Independent District Commission will establish four geographic districts for future city council elections.


The Independent District Commission is charged with preparing and adopting a plan to divide Portland into four districts for the election of city councilors.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Independent District Commission will be seated by Jan. 31, 2023, and responsible for adopting district map and plans by Sept. 1, 2023. The Independent District Commission will be responsible for:

  • Holding a citywide public hearing early in the process to engage Portlanders on district criteria
  • Holding at least two public hearings in each proposed district before voting to adopt a district plan
  • Ensuring district maps are consistent with state and federal laws and criteria


The Independent District Commission will be composed of 13 Portland residents who represent a diversity of race, gender, age and geography. The mayor will appoint members of the Independent District Commission, subject to confirmation by the city council. Commission members cannot be elected or appointed City officials and employees, or candidates for elected city office who have filed and been qualified to the ballot by the City Elections Office.

To Apply

Applications to be a part of the Independent District Commission were due on December 1, 2022. 


For questions, please email or call 3-1-1.


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