Transition 2023 Annual Report

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The 2023 Transition Annual Report details the work completed by the team throughout the year and looks ahead to 2024.
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2023 Transition Annual Report Highlights

Since November 2022, the team has worked alongside city, county, and community partners to deliver the changes in election methods and the City’s new form of government approved by Portland voters through Ballot Measure 26-228.  

The 2023 Transition Annual Report categorizes the team’s work into these two areas and indicates if these deliverables are complete or if the work will continue into 2024. Highlights include: 

Election Methods 

Form of Government 

Additional accomplishments include the team’s engagement efforts through the work of the Independent District Commission, Independent Salary Commission, and the Government Transition Advisory Committee which resulted in: 

  • 459 listening session participants 

  • 85 public meetings 

  • 2,464 written comments 

  • 18 hours of public comment 

  • 3,221 newsletter subscribers 

  • 35 community presentations given by the Government Transition Advisory Committee 

Read the full report summarizing the team’s progress throughout 2023.

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Why are these changes happening?

In November 2022, Portland voters approved Ballot Measure 26-228 that directs the City of Portland to implement these three connected changes by Jan. 1, 2025: 

  • Allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference, using ranked-choice voting. 

  • Establish four geographic districts, with three city council members elected to represent each district – expanding city council to a total of 12 members. 

  • Establish the city council to focus on setting policy and engaging with community, transitioning day-to-day oversight of bureaus to a mayor elected citywide and a professional city administrator. 

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