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Sustainability at Work program changes: July 2021

News Article
The Sustainability at Work program and certification has been retired as of July, 2021. However, green business tips and resources are still available on the website, and program staff are still available to help Portland organizations with recycling, compost, and waste reduction.

Certification program ending

With the significant challenges of 2020 and the evolving needs of Portland businesses, the City has decided to sunset the Sustainability at Work certification program.

Current certifications remain valid through 2023, and the Green Business Directory of certified businesses will remain on our website through July 1, 2023.

We’ve compiled a list of other sustainability certifications and have converted the Sustainability at Work certification applications into checklists of sustainability best practices for offices, restaurants, and retail shops.

Sustainability assessments ending

We no longer offer full sustainability assessments covering energy, water, and transportation. However, you’re welcome to contact us with questions and we'll connect you with other organizations for assistance.

To help you continue your workplace sustainability efforts, we’ve put together these new resources:

We’re still here to support you

While we no longer offer certification or sustainability assessments, we continue to provide in-depth assistance around recycling, compost, and waste reduction.

Our focus moving forward is to help restaurants, grocery stores, and other food businesses reduce food waste and compost, which will help the City reach its climate goals.

We will also expand our efforts to ensure all businesses in Portland understand their responsibility to recycle and the resources available to help them recycle and reduce waste.

You can find these resources on our website:

You can reach us through the City’s main garbage and recycling phone and email.

Thank you for partnering with us

Since 2007, we have existed to support you in making your organizations more sustainable, through actions large and small.

We enjoyed getting to work with you and your peers in the large community of workplace sustainability champions throughout Portland. And we’re proud to have recognized hundreds of organizations with Sustainability at Work certification.

Please continue the good work in your workplaces and in the community, and please reach out if we can help you with your recycling, compost, or waste reduction efforts!