3 tips to bring bike riders to your business

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Set up free bike racks and promote your bike friendly offerings.

The sun’s out and so are the cyclists! Here are some ways you can bring more bike riders to your business.

Bike racks

Bike racks attract riders’ attention. Even if their destination is further down the street, if you’ve got the parking spot, they’ll spend a few moments in front of your business both when they arrive and when they leave. 

Did you know the City of Portland will install bike racks in front of your business for free? Request a rack. Or go big and request a multi-rack bike corral!

You can also get creative and have a custom art rack created that accentuates your business. We’ve seen all kinds of great custom racks around town: giant eyeglasses, a pink doughnut, a Fremont Bridge replica, and an enormous baking whisk.

Be a Bike Friendly Business

If you run a retail store, restaurant, coffee shop or bar, show that you welcome bicyclists through Travel Portland’s Bike Friendly Business program.

The program is free, and the signs to post in front of your business start at only $26. Check it out.

Offer perks and discounts

From dentists to physical therapists, we’ve see Portland businesses offer discounts for customers who arrive by bike. Even a small perk can get a customer’s attention and build loyalty to your business.