Recycling for a good cause

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It's easier than ever to collect deposit bottles to support a cause you care about.

How to collect bottles and cans to donate

Through Oregon's BottleDrop Give program, it's easier than ever to collect and donate bottles to support your favorite nonprofit.

  1. Pick up bags coded for your favorite local nonprofit.
  2. Fill them up with deposit bottles at home or work.
  3. Drop the whole bag off at a bottle drop center.

No need to feed the bottles into a machine one at a time, they’ll take whole bags!

Where to drop off your bottles

While some grocery stores still have bottle redemption areas, there are also BottleDrop centers around Portland that make redemption fast and easy. Look up the closest locations to you

Never used BottleDrop before? This step-by-step photo tutorial walks you through it.

Which bottles have a deposit

Soda, beer, and water beverages in plastic or glass bottles or metal cans have a 10-cent redemption. Since January of 2018, so do coffee, tea, kombucha, energy and sports drinks, hard cider (under 8.5 percent ABV), and juice beverages in plastic or glass bottles or metal cans.

Contact us to request posters showing deposit containers.

Note: All beverage containers can still be recycled in your home or work recycling. 

Learn more about the Bottle Bill

Did you know that Oregon was the first state to create a Bottle Bill back in 1971? Learn more: FAQs about Oregon’s Bottle Bill.

Small change adds up

Staff at Barlow High School in Gresham created student scholarships from the return of hundreds of bottles and cans