Getting buy-in: Speak to their interests

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Frame your sustainability initiatives in terms decision makers care about.

How do you get the green light to go green?

If your efforts to implement new sustainability measures aren’t getting the go-ahead from decision makers, try something that has worked well for others:

Speak to their interests.

A globe on the left with "going green" above it, a stack of dollar bills in the middle with "saving green" above it, and a checkmark on the right with "green light" above it - all with equal signs in between.

Sustainability efforts can have numerous benefits beyond environmental good. Think about what motivates the decision makers in your organization, and find where their interests align with yours.

For example:

Reduced operating costs through reducing paper, energy and waste.

Marketing benefits to reach and retain customers who value sustainability.

Responding to client demand for sustainable business practices.

Improved employee retention through engaged staff, who feel their workplace is doing the right thing.