Volunteer with Portland Sunday Parkways

Two Sunday Parkways volunteers pose for a photo at the event's info booth while wearing bright orange volunteer t-shirts.
Volunteers are essential to a successful Portland Sunday Parkways season! Whether you feel happiest volunteering at an intersection or from your bike seat, we love and appreciate the help! Learn about volunteer opportunities for an organization, individuals, or groups.
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 Last updated 3/14/2024

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Portland Sunday Parkways events! We look forward to seeing everyone as we open the streets to thousands of happy, smiling Parkways participants. Please read the information below for volunteering at these community events. 

Sign up to volunteer 

A Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer smiling at the camera while wearing a bright orange volunteer t-shirt.

We are currently accepting volunteer registration for the 2024 Portland Sunday Parkways events. Volunteer shifts last about 3.5 hours, and you'll receive training before your shift and a free t-shirt!  

  • Volunteers are welcome to sign up for more than one shift and event.

  • 16 & 17-year-old volunteers may work individually with a signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian. 

  • Minors under 16 may volunteer but must be with a parent or legal guardian during their volunteer shift.   

2024 dates: 

Register today!

Types of volunteers 

  • Mobile Superhero - Help us keep the path clear from the seat of your bike. 

  • Intersection Superhero - Stay stationary and play crossing guard for a day. 

  • Info Booth Volunteers – Hand out event brochures, help answer questions, collect donations and survey responses. 

  • Volunteer Photographer - Capture the magic of the day by photographing the event and participants. 

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Act as a cheerful, energetic, communicative, empathetic, and assertive ambassador to the neighborhood on behalf of Portland Sunday Parkways.  

  • Help neighbors in cars get to and from their homes according to the instructions provided before your shift.

  • Wear a Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer t-shirt to visually communicate your role to participants and the public.  

  • Bring weather-appropriate clothing, water bottle, additional food, and any other supplies you may need to remain comfortable and present for your full shift.  

Intersection Superhero responsibilities 

A Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer holds a street closed barricade while waving event participants by.
  • Set up and coordinate one or more intersections on the route according to provided plans.  

  • Remain at assigned intersection for the duration of the shift to support people in cars and participants.  

  • Greet and help guide vehicles that must drive on route to and from their homes, while helping keep Parkways participants safe.  

  • Direct all other automobiles to the nearest flagger-controlled intersection.  

Mobile Superhero responsibilities 

A Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer on their bike riding the event route while wearing a tie-dye bike helmet.
  • Patrol a section of the Sunday Parkways route by bike looking for neighbors to help.  

  • Escort neighbors in cars to or from their homes to aid the Intersection Superheroes.  

  • Direct all other motorists to the nearest flagger-controlled intersection.  

  • Bring a bicycle and be able to ride for the duration of the shift.  

  • Be able to ride a bike with confidence on a crowded street.  

Fundraising opportunity for groups 

A Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer wearing a bright orange shirt talks with a participant wearing a striped tanktop and white bike helmet.

Register your group to volunteer at Portland Sunday Parkways today! 

Come together and raise funds for an organization by supporting Portland Sunday Parkways as a volunteer.  Recruit five or more volunteers to receive a financial contribution for each assigned volunteer shift.  Each group member must agree to volunteer as a Intersection Superhero or Mobile Superhero for the entire 3.5-hour shift.   

For more information about Group Fundraising opportunities, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at SundayParkways@AxiomEventProductions.com 

Adopting an intersection for organizations 

A group of children on their bikes stop at a booth along the intersection to grab some free goodies.

Stand apart and bring your cause to life by adopting an intersection at a Portland Sunday Parkways event.  Placed on a highly visible and low-effort intersection for the full day, your organization may set up a canopy, table, and chairs, and engage with everyone passing by.  One person on the team serves as an Intersection Superhero, receiving the training and helping neighbors get to and from their homes.  The rest of the team can focus on engaging with participants about your organization.  

Ideas for your intersection: 

  • Cheering people on the route is fun and gets their attention  

  • Hand out healthy snacks, water, or fun freebies  

  • Create an art table for families and children to make their own souvenir  

  • Bring out activities to play in the street like sidewalk chalk or bubbles – we can find the perfect spot for your ideas!  

For more information about adopting an intersection, please contact us at Sundayparkways@axiomeventproductions.com.