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Portland Sunday Parkways Short Survey!

Help us co-create Portland Sunday Parkways by taking this short survey.

Thank you for helping us co-create our first virtual Sunday Parkways! 
This short household survey takes under five minutes. 

Are you a Sunday Parkways vendor or community partner? We have a survey for you, too! Filling out this short survey will help us learn how we can partner up during this time.

If you have additional questions or comments, please reach out to the Portland Sunday Parkways team at 503-823-4414 or by email at PortlandSundayParkways@portlandoregon.gov

Want to see what results we have so far? (Updated on August 1, 2020)

At the top of the season, Portland Sunday Parkways sent out a survey and we received a LOT of answers back!

  • In your responses, you let us know that 45% of respondents wanted more information or guidance from the City about outdoor activities and that 23% of folks were feeling isolated.
  • A good number of folks are comfortable and coping with extra family time (49%) but that 22% of respondents felt challenged with home schooling/work balance.
  • Upon asking how comfortable respondents felt biking and walking, about 77% responded that they felt safe and comfortable.
  • When asked how we could improve the Stay Home Stay Safe situation, the top two suggestions were: online maps for fun routes to walk and bike (28%) and more streets closed to cars (37%).  
  • An overwhelming number of you, 73% of respondents, say you are wear masks when going to the store (let’s get that to 100%!), 21% of people wear masks when they leave the house for anything and less than 2% of respondents said they did not wear masks at all. This is great news and we appreciate your commitment to your safety and that of your neighbors and community.
  • The majority of respondents (68%) said they were utilizing local Neighborhood Greenways during this time and 57% felt safe and comfortable doing so. 

A big thank you to the over 550+ people who participated! We will be sending out a follow-up survey in the near future. We would like to hear from you on how we are doing with this new platform and what you would like to see over the remaining Portland Sunday Parkways season.