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Rest and Social Justice

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Take time to rest for your own health and for your community.

Today George Floyd's funeral took place in the presence of his family and community in Houston, Texas. His tragic death on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis is being mourned across the nation and people are calling for real and immediate change. We honor his life and offer our deepest condolences to those mourning the loss of George Floyd.

In Portland, communities have gathered daily to call for action to end racism and police brutality. However, today many protesters are resting instead of marching. We at Sunday Parkways were inspired by this invitation to rest. We see rest and self-care as essential, especially in these times when communities are facing emotional and physical pain, illness, loss, unemployment, food insecurity, increased domestic violence, and many other difficult challenges. 

Today and every day we all need rest. Last week, NPR featured a story about an Atlanta-based organization called Nap Ministry. One of the founders of Nap Ministry, Tricia Hersey, spoke about rest as a tool for social change. Hersey says, "...wherever our bodies are, we can find liberation because our body is a site of liberation. So the time to rest is now." We invite you to listen to the full 4-minute story.

It's okay to rest.

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