Portland Sunday Parkways FAQs 2024

A man with his hands in the air as he plays with a hula hoop, a child stands in front of the man watching him.
We are excited to celebrate the 2024 Portland Sunday Parkways season with three events! Join us for this special occasion as we open the streets and celebrate community. Here you’ll find frequently asked questions about these community events.
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 Last updated 3/11/2024

2024 events  

What are the dates? 

This year, Portland Sunday Parkways will host three open street events:

What are the routes? 

East Portland event route on May 19

Map of the Sunday Parkways event in East Portland on May 19, 2024 noting the 3.3-mile multimodal route, and where car traffic can cross. Map features the parks on either end of the route and in the middle: Gateway Discovery Park, Ventura Park, and Lincoln Park. Details of these routes and car crossings are in the body text below this image.

Northeast Cully event route on June 16

Map of the Sunday Parkways event in Northeast Cully on June 16, 2024 noting the borders and four city parks along the route, and where car traffic can cross. The 6.2-mile route features Fernhill Park and Khunamokwst Park on the western loop and Wellington Park and Roseway Park on the eastern loop. Details of these borders and car crossings are in the body text below this image.

Southwest Portland event route on September 22

Map of the Sunday Parkways event in Southwest Portland on Sept. 22, 2024 noting a 2-mile multimodal route and the 1.5 mile walking route, and where car traffic can cross. Map features Gabriel Park, the Multnomah Arts Center, Multnomah Village, and Spring Garden Park. Details of these routes and car crossings are in the body text below this image.

Why aren’t events scheduled in other neighborhoods? 

This program returned to in-person events in 2023, along with introducing a new approach. Each event route will highlight a Portland neighborhood for a few years to help build upon the investments and partnerships that are being made. In addition, more community awareness is achieved each year which results in more people having access to walk, bike, roll, or play on safe and comfortable open streets. 

Here are the program’s goals going into 2024 with this new approach: 

  • Prioritize local neighborhoods that have been underserved by Portland Sunday Parkways. 

  • Uplift local organizations and businesses within the neighborhoods that have been underserved by Portland Sunday Parkways. 

  • Familiarize Portlanders with neighborhood greenways and other infrastructure to encourage walking, biking, and rolling all year long.  

  • Create equitable, accessible, and safe opportunities for Portlanders to try walking, biking, and rolling for the first time. 

Want to create your own mini Sunday Parkways?

Here are great resources for throwing your own open street celebration:

How to get involved  

Three Portland Sunday Parkways volunteers wear bright orange volunteer t-shirts while posing in front of a Sunday Parkways banner.

Can I donate to Portland Sunday Parkways?

Of course! Portland Sunday Parkways relies on sponsorship, volunteers, and donors. Any little bit helps!  

Donate to Sunday Parkways

Show your support all year long! 

You can purchase Portland Sunday Parkways swag while also supporting this beloved program! Whether it’s a gift for someone or you’re treating yourself, Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Zazzle store is the place for PBOT merch. The best part is that the proceeds from your purchase go towards supporting Portland Sunday Parkways! 

Shop PBOT's Zazzle Store

My school/church/sports/community group wants to take part. What can we do?  

We’d love to have you! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that double as a fundraising event for your organization. Your organization will be paid for each adult volunteer who works a full shift.

Sunday Parkways Volunteer Information

Can I set up my food cart?  

Portland Sunday Parkways loves highlighting local businesses, including food vendors. To learn more about vendor opportunities please complete an interest form by clicking on the link below.   

Sunday Parkways Vendor Information

Can I perform at Portland Sunday Parkways?

Bring on the talent! Email PortlandSundayParkways@portlandoregon.gov to learn about performance opportunities at these community events.  And remember ANYBODY can set up in their front yard or bring an instrument to the park. The more the merrier! 

Safety at Portland Sunday Parkways 

A male Portland Sunday Parkways volunteer sits on his bike with a white street barricade leaning against his leg as he views the event route.

How will you make Sunday Parkways safe?  

Portland Sunday Parkways routes will be closed to motorized traffic, aside from a few designated car crossing points which will be heavily monitored by route volunteers.   

But safety always starts with each individual. Portland Sunday Parkways encourages everyone to: 

  • Wear a helmet and any other protective gear.   

  • Move slowly particularly in areas with a lot of people.  

  • Communicate with those around you using turn signals.   

  • Be aware of your surroundings and fellow riders. 

What if I live on/near the route and I need to drive during the event?  

We want Sunday Parkways to be a positive experience for everyone! If you plan to drive during the event, please use the designated car crossing intersections shown on the below maps and allow yourself extra time.  At these designated intersections, a trained volunteer will be on-site to help direct you during the event hours. Please drive slowly near the event route and watch for pedestrians.  

Still have a question about accessing your home or business? Please send us an email at portlandsundayparkways@portlandoregon.gov or you can also reach us by phone at 503-610-6110.  

We hope you can join us to celebrate community and open streets! Thank you for your patience and support on the event day.  

What can neighbors, businesses and other organizations along the routes expect?   

Streets along the route will be closed to motorized traffic, with limited access for people living on the route. There will be designated crossing points for motorized traffic as shown in the above maps, but it is best to avoid driving in the area during the event if possible as you might experience long delays. In the past, Sunday Parkways events have attracted over 30,000 participants. Participants walk, roll or bike at low speeds along the event routes. There are spots in the parks and along the route where circulation slows for vendors, non-profit & sponsor information tables, and live entertainment. This family-friendly event encourages people to enjoy walking, biking, rolling and playing in the safe open streets.

What if there is a change in COVID-19?

The Portland Sunday Parkways Team will continue to monitor the conditions of the COVID-19 health pandemic and plan to follow all state guidance from the Oregon Health Authority to ensure the health and safety of all community members.    

Portland Sunday Parkways encourages non-vaccinated participants to consider wearing a mask.  

Community guidelines 

A dog sits in a bike basket while wearing a Sunday Barkways blue bandana and black googles on top of their head.

Are pets allowed?  

Of course, we love our furry friends! Any leashed pet that is comfortable around people is allowed to join in the fun! We ask that you do not use “extend-a-leashes." If you bring dogs, please be sure to pick up after them.  

Is alcohol or marijuana allowed on the routes? 

Participants should comply to state and local laws. Consumption of alcohol and marijuana are not allowed on city streets or at parks without a permit. 

Can we have a cookout in a park?  

You can, but you’ll need to secure a reservation through Portland Parks & Recreation. 

Picnic Reservation Information

Can I ride my electric unicycle or bike? 

Yes, but please keep the speed below 10 mph. 

Can we bring strollers?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to participate at these free family-friendly events, especially children and families.  

About Portland Sunday Parkways  

Is Portland Sunday Parkways a race?  

No, there is no competitive aspect to Portland Sunday Parkways. In fact, we encourage everyone to slow down, take their time and get to know their neighbors while enjoying open streets.  

Portland Sunday Parkways was modeled after La Ciclovía de Bogotá. Bogotá, Columbia closes 70 miles of major roads every Sunday so that people can walk, bike, roll, and play in the open streets.   

Which direction does the event route go?

Portland Sunday Parkways traffic flows both ways, much like a traditional open street. There's no start or end point along these routes. Pick where you want to start and join in on the fun! 

How is this event paid for? 

Portland Sunday Parkways events are funded through a mix of sponsorships, donations and public funds. You can find more information by viewing the program's annual report published at the end of each year. 

Why is the City paying for this? 

Portland has ambitious goals for transitioning people away from driving alone and into alternative modes of transportation such as bicycling, public transit, and walking. Portland Sunday Parkways is an innovative and effective strategy to reach people in Portland who haven’t already started biking, walking, or rolling so they can try it in a traffic-free, safe and fun environment.  

The key goals of Portland Sunday Parkways events are:  

  • Connecting people to their neighborhood parks and community groups.  

  • Providing free family-friendly activities in underserved communities.  

  • Encouraging physical activity to increase overall health and well-being.  

Why Sundays? 

Sunday was chosen because it has the lowest auto traffic volumes of any day of the week. With good planning and communication, we work to decrease inconveniences.  mes of any day of the week. With good planning and communication, we work to decrease inconveniences. 

Still have questions?

If you couldn’t find the information that you are looking for on this webpage, please contact us by email at PortlandSundayParkways@portlandoregon.gov, or by phone at 503-823-7599.