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Unfold Meditation with Leigh Drake

Community Event
Sunday Parkways invites you to this free event where Leigh Drake from Unfold Meditation will help us explore a couple of easy meditation techniques.
Photograph of woman sitting on beach with legs crossed and hands on knees

Have you tried to meditate and don’t feel that you are doing it right?  Or have you wanted to try meditation, but don’t know where or how to begin?? Our host Leigh Drake believes that we all have the innate ability to meditate.   

In this class, we will explore a couple of easy meditation techniques so that you can get started with your own practice.  A regular meditation practice will help you to reduce your stress, sleep better, and bring more of yourself to your relationships. 

More about Leigh Drake: 

Leigh Drake is passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga and meditation with anyone and everyone who is interested!  She began her serious yoga studies in 2009.  She has been diving into the yoga traditions and how the concepts and disciplines of yoga and meditation can create a full and meaningful way of life ever since.  A co-founder of Unfold Yoga and Meditation, Leigh has completed hundreds of hours of study with Paul Grilley and Lorin Roche, Phd. gaining ever deeper understanding and experience of what it means to be human.  She is excited to share these learnings, and to continue to learn through teaching. An experienced teacher, she holds credentials from Yoga Alliance as an experienced yoga teacher( E-RYT500) and as a continuing education professional (YACEP). 

You can find Unfold Yoga and Meditation on: 

Facebook: @UnfoldYogaWellness 

Instagram: @unfoldyoga 

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