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Fitness Takeover with StudioX

Community Event
Sunday Parkways invites you to join Veronica and Paulie from StudioX Fitness in fun exercises for our Fitness Takeover!
Photograph of woman doing floor exercise on a yoga mat

We are partnering with StudioX Fitness for our next Fitness Takeover! In these sessions, Veronica and Paulie from StudioX Fitness will be leading us in some fun and refreshing exercises. Wear some comfy work-out clothes and be ready to sweat as we put in some work. 

More about our StudioX Partners: 


Veronica started fitness after college with misery being the catalyst. She found that among other things, discipline, loyalty, and confidence can be accessed through a complete unity of what is empirical and what is physical - mind and body. She believes that fitness can unlock what you want in life because your workout routine proves day-in and day-out that you can give yourself a task and follow through (even when you don’t feel like it). She has practiced heavy weightlifting, bodybuilding and high intensity training; however, she is focused on slow-tempo strength training, bodyweight movements and full body workouts at the moment. "I train clients based on their needs, not my own interests."  


Paulie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist-in-training. She specializes in functional fitness, strength and conditioning, kettlebell, TRX coaching, and outdoor fitness prep. Paulie believes that a healthy lifestyle and being happy go hand in hand. She can teach you how to reconnect with your body so that you are empowered to go out and conquer any challenge that comes your way, resulting in a smarter, faster, and stronger you! 

You can find StudioX Fitness at: 

Instagram: @studioxfitness 

Facebook: @studioxfitnesspdx 

YouTube: StudioX Fitness 

This free event is brought to you by #SundayParkwaysatHome, presented by Kaiser Permanente.   

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