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Kokedama – Japanese Style Moss Balls with Amy

Community event

Amy from Artemisia will teach The Art of Kokedama, Japanese-Style Moss Balls in a virtual class for all ages and levels.

Photograph of moss ball with plan growing out of it on a white background

Learn the art of creating a Japanese-style Moss Ball!  Hands on, messy and absolutely beautiful! What is Kokedama? Kokedama is a form of Japanese garden art. There are many types of planting in Japan, and these sweet friends are a combination of nearai (without a pot), kusamono (mossy or grassy elements), and bonsai planting styles. The roots of the plant are bound in soil and moss to create a pot-less home for a houseplant. 

More about Artemisia: 

Amy Bryant Aiello, founder of Artemisia was raised by a family of naturalists, artists, geologists and an one astronomer! She has spent her life connecting people with the grace and mystery of the natural world. Her specialty is fostering peoples creativity and providing an inspiring space and exquisite materials to explore. 

Find out more about Artemisia at:  

Instagram: @artemisiacollagewithnature 

Facebook: @artemisiaon28th 

Pinterest: @artemisiaamy 

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