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Music Monday - Tour of Indian Pop Music with DJ Prashant

Community event

A photo of DJ Prashant singing and smiling: He has a dark beard and mustache, is wearing a green scarf and multi-colored baseball cap. He is wearing a headset and looking at the camera.

What will this class include?

For this week's Music Monday, join DJ Prashant for an auditory tour of pop music coming out of India. 

Want to learn more about DJ Prashant?

Born & brought up in India, Prashant moved to the US in 2003 for graduate studies at Cornell University. In 2006, he moved to Portland for a job at Intel which he quit in 2009 to pursue a lifelong passion for entertainment. Since then, Prashant & his team have built inclusive communities in over 8 cities across America centered around the belief that music & dance speak universal language & help to bring us together. Follow Prashant on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube through his handle ‘DreamPrashant’. 

This free event is brought to you by #SundayParkwaysatHome, presented by Kaiser Permanente.  

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