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Lunchtime with Sunday Parkways – Cooking with Shanthini Kurian

Community event

Image of Indian spices in round metal containers

Join us in learning how to make two vegetarian dishes with Shanthini Kurian! This class is great for anyone interested in cooking and excited to try something new.  
More about today’s teacher:  

I have always been interested in different cultures and learn about healthy food items from other cultures. I am of Indian origin. One thing I like about Indian cuisine is the different kinds of spices that they use which has so much health aspects to it. I would love to share some of my favorite dishes with others who has similar interest in trying new recipes. I like to show simpler ways to try new recipes.  

Shanthini Kurian’s contact information:  

She can be reached at either 703-344-1905 or by email at rosemarigold17@gmail.com

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