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Garden Week Guest: Growing Gardens

Community Event

The Growing Gardens logo with the word written underneath a green background and a growing plant sprout

It's the first day of Garden Week! We will be working with Growing Gardens to bring Gardening Classes to you! 

What are the details? 

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Growing Gardens will be providing a series of 'How To' vegetable gardening classes, covering all the basics of how to get started, specifics of growing in the pacific northwest, how to garden if you don't have a yard, and the do's and don'ts of home composting. 

When is the next class this week?  

Monday, June 8, 2020 on the Portland Sunday Parkways Facebook page LIVE at 12 pm. 

What is Growing Gardens? 

Growing Gardens is a local Portland non-profit dedicated to helping people grow their own food. Growing Gardens works in backyards, schools, and prisons to promote healthy food access, transformative educational experiences, and professional development for leaders in the food movement.