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Cathartic Kinesis Fitness Takeover

Community Event

A Close up photo of Adriana

In celebration of Pride, our special guest is Adriana, who will host Cathartic Kinesis! They/She will be leading a body positive class for all.  

Bring your amazing, strong, capable heart and body and join Body Positive, Health At Every Size personal trainer Adriana Javier (They/She) of Cathartic Kinesis for a full body strength and mobility workout using your body weight. All you will need is a few household items to stay strong for yourself and for the support of our LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities. 

This will be an all levels class with different options offered for folks who need to remain seated or who need accommodation when getting up and down from the ground.  

Participants will need: 

-Clothes they are comfortable moving in 


-Towel to use for stretches and mobility exercises 

-Cans of food/filled beverage bottles/pots or pans/dumbbells to use for resistance exercises  

When are the Classes? 

Performing on Wednesday, June 24th at 12 pm on the Portland Sunday Parkways Facebook Page

Where can you find  more Cathartic Kinesis classes? 

  • Facebook handle: @cathartic.kinesis 
  • Instagram: @cathartic.kinesis