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Leftover Paint Magic Art Classes with CHAP

Community Event

Two painted ferns with circles painted onto the individual leaves. The background is a dark green. The ferns and their stems are a lighter green.

Welcome to the second art class with Children’s Healing Art Project!  

What will be covered in this class? 

Let’s play with lots of quick, loose strokes of color! We’ll explore adding layers of white or black to bright colorful pages to make rich paintings that pop. With this technique, parents will never worry about throwing out wasted paints again—anything on the palette can be used to create layered images or one-of-a-kind collage papers. This class will be lead by artist Alan Garrigues.  

What supplies will you need?  

  • Paint (acrylic, craft, or watercolor, min. two colors that are not black or white) 
  • Brushes (if possible: one wide, one thin or round for detail) 
  • Water Cup (to rinse brushes) 
  • 3-5 Pieces of Paper (min. size 4x6 inches; any paper will do, but best if it is a bit thicker than copy paper:  watercolor, mixed media, paper bags) 
  • Writing Utensil (chalk, charcoal, or pencil) 
  • Black or White: acrylic or craft paint, ink, or crayon 
  • Optional: picture(s) or photo(s) of animal, face, tree, flower, or symbol that you like 
  • Optional: Sharpies, gel pens, or paint markers for detail 

What is CHAP? 

CHAP brings the Healing Power of Art to children and families facing medical challenges.