Walle Brown Sunday Parkways P.E. Class

Community Event
10:00 am 11:00 am
Walle Brown does a break dancing move that looks like a modern front split

This week, Sunday Parkways will be celebrating Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, with fitness leaders that celebrate African and African American dance and Fitness leadership. We will jump off the week with Walle Brown, who will be leading all of our morning Sunday Parkways P.E. classes. Learn more below: 

What is House? Where is it Rooted? 

House is a rhythmic, soulful, freeform, and simply freeing expression of self over music that is filled with soul – with the bass and kicks to match. House is both a dance form and a genre of music. Started in Chicago clubs and founded, by and large, by members of the African American community. Walle likens House to the groove and spirit behind the African American cultural legacy within improvisational tap. 

When are the classes?  

Monday, June 15th at 10AM – 11AM on the  Portland Sunday Parkways Facebook page

Breakin’ Down the House: 

Walle Brown is a globe-trotting breakin’ extraordinaire. He’ll be representing and teaching the dance styles of house and breakin’ throughout the week of Juneteenth. That means Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be action-packed and culturally rich as we share two dance styles that are deeply rooted in African-American and Latino communities’.