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Coach Dexteur Sunday Parkways P.E. Class

Community Event

Basketball team (all girls) is standing on the Blazer Court in Portland

Join us for Basketball & Conditioning during this week's Sunday Parkways P.E. classes

Are you ready to join a basketball and conditioning class that is going to challenge you with great basketball drills, skills (fundamentals/ball handling) and conditioning that will make you better as a player? Well come and join Coach Dexteur and have some fun while growing and developing your skills through this basketball course. 

We can’t wait to see you so we can ball out together! 

When are the Classes this Week? 

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s the second day of basketball drill and conditioning!  Join Dexteur and his kids, Malaya and Major Jimmerson, as they host this week‘s Portland Sunday Parkways P.E. classes.  Find the class on June 10th at 10 am on the Portland Sunday Parkways Facebook Page.