The Circus Project Sunday Parkways P.E. Class

Community Event
10:00 am 11:00 am
Scramble James juggling FIVE balls at the same time

Learn to juggle with The Circus Project's own coaches Anni and Scramble James. In this workshop series you will learn some fun tricks with up to 3 balls. Today's juggling coach is  Scramble James! 

What You Will Need

You don't have juggling balls? No problem! Roll up a pair of socks into a ball and you're ready to go (pro tip: tuck them in so your ball doesn't come apart or use a couple of rubber bands)! You can also use tennis balls, racket balls, hacky sacks or easily craft great juggling balls with balloons.

Here is how:

When are the Classes this Week?

This week The Circus Project will be hosting the Portland Sunday Parkways P.E. classes. Class is on Monday, May 18th at 10 am on the Portland Sunday Parkways Facebook Page

Who is Scramble James? 

Scramble James is an award-winning juggler, comedy magician, and undercover clown that brings laughter & joy to audiences around the world! His high-energy shows infuse technical skill with vaudevillian wit to whip up a dynamic performances that delight the whole family. Expect hilarity, expect the absurd, and mist of all, expect fun!