Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors

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Portland Sunday Parkways is made possible with the help of our sponsors. They not only support us financially, but they also bring fun and valuable information on the day of the events. Please support them with your patronage.
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Presenting Sponsor 

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Kaiser Permanente - Kaiser Permanente founded in 1945, is America’s leading integrated health care organization. They serve the health needs of more than 8.7 million members nationwide—including more than 470,000 in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Kaiser Permanente has been a Portland Sunday Parkways supporter since the beginning in 2008. We are excited and proud to once again be the presenting sponsor of Sunday Parkways.  Our partnership with the Portland Bureau of Transportation is a perfect fit to our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. 


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NW Natural - Building on a legacy of over 163 years in the Pacific Northwest, NW Natural is innovating new, sustainable ways to meet the demands of the region's growing population. One way is with renewable natural gas. Renewable natural gas is a zero-carbon resource produced from local, organic materials like food, agricultural and forestry waste, wastewater, or landfills. As these materials decompose, they produce methane, which can be captured, conditioned to pipeline quality, and delivered in the existing pipeline system to homes, businesses, and also natural gas vehicles. This process closes the loop on waste and provides a renewable energy option for the natural gas system, in the same way that wind and solar are used to generate renewable electricity. Learn more at

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Portland Parks and Recreation - Portland Parks and Recreation have proudly partnered with Sunday Parkways since 2008. We believe that sustaining a healthy park and recreation system makes Portland a great place to live, work and play. Portland's parks, public places, natural areas, and recreational opportunities give life and beauty to our city. These essential assets connect people to place, self, and others. Portland's residents treasure and care for this legacy, building on the past to provide for future generations.

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MetroIt’s not enough just to build a transportation system with options to walk, bike, take transit or ride share. People need to know how to access those options and understand the benefits. Metro’s Regional Travel Options program works to improve community livability, reduce pollution, and improve mobility access by guiding and supporting programs throughout the region that give people information, opportunities and incentives to help them use travel options.  


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IQ Credit Union - iQ Credit Union is a member-owned, modern-day financial institution based in the Pacific Northwest. We have a growing community of more than 83,000 members and our mission is to help each one achieve their financial goals. iQ Credit Union is here to help you through all of life’s adventures. May it be your first car, college, marriage, dream home, job loss, retirement, starting a business, and everything else.

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AAA Oregon/Idaho For over 100 years, AAA has been dedicated to helping members with roadside assistance, travel and insurance services, discounts and much more including bicycle roadside assistance. Find out more at

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Bureau of Planning & Sustainability  -The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) develops solutions to make Portland more equitable, healthy, prosperous and resilient. Through long-range planning, climate action, waste management, Smart Cities and the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, we build a better future for all.

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LimeLime is the world’s largest electric vehicle company. We are on a mission to build a future of transportation that is shared, affordable, and carbon-free. Lime is proud to sponsor Sunday Parkways and we look forward to engaging Portlanders to try our scooters on car-free roadways.

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BirdBird is a last-mile electric vehicle sharing company dedicated to bringing low-cost, environmentally friendly transportation solutions to communities across the world. 

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Water BureauPortland Water Bureau serves excellent drinking water to almost one million people every day. Visit the  hydration station and fill up those water bottles!

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Bureau of Environmental Services  - As you walk, roll, and bike along neighborhood greenways and Sunday Parkways routes, wave to the rain gardens and green street planters that calm traffic, add nature to the city, and soak up storm water the natural way.  That's all thanks to the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES)!

To request the Sunday Parkways Sponsorship Packet, contact us at